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Apple dumps iPhone 7 Pro, all-glass iPhone 8 reserved for 10th anniversary in 2017

Apple will not release iPhone 7 Pro in 2016 due to sluggish sales of iPhones. Moreover, Apple is planning to integrate a glass chassis in iPhone 2017. Previously, industry sources rumored about the possible release of three iPhone 7 variants such as the budget 4.7-inch, traditional 5.5-inch Plus including a premium iPhone 7 Pro. According to unknown sources, the Cupertino-based tech giant made some changes in the release structure as a last-minute move. Even Apple insiders were taken completely by surprise by the latest developments. In fact, there were rumors that Apple will reserve major changes foriPhone 2017 since the company is dubbed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iPhone launch in a grand style.

The main reason for the dumping of iPhone 7 Pro this year is mainly attributed to the poor sales of its iPhone devices. If Apple releases the iPhone 7 Pro without any major modifications, it will not sell well on the market, which ultimately result in another major loss.

Touted as an upgrade to iPhone 7 Plus, we believed that iPhone 7 Pro will carry Apple’s smart connector and dual lens camera. It remains to be seen as to whether Apple infuses these features in its Plus variant, which is highly unlikely.

Apple ditches single-lens in iPhone 7

Even though Apple had planned for the release of iPhone 7 Plus with both single lens and dual lens camera, sources now claim that the company had ditched the single lens.

If the rumor turns out to be true, you can expect dual-lens camera sensor in both variants of iPhone 7. This will be a killer feature in a bid to compete with the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Moreover, you can also expect POGO pins in the higher variant of iPhone 7, which has been doing rounds in the rumor mills.

Responding to the development, an unknown source, who declined to reveal the identity, revealed to a popular tech portal that this has never happened before.

Apple used to schedule plans well in advance before the official launch every year. They never made any modifications to iPhone product line just days before the launch. They further claimed that it has been a volatile year for Apple.

Wait for 11 months to experience glass casing iPhone 2017

By releasing only two variants of iPhone 7, Apple is reportedly asking tech enthusiasts to wait for another 12 months to experience their all-new glass iPhone. As per sources, Foxconn is actively developing a glass casing for the iPhone 2017 since 2015.

The supplier had failed several attempts to design an accurate glass casing for iPhone 2017. However, the news available now is that the company has cracked down a design and are working on it.

Meanwhile, Apple has been working aggressively to set up a sapphire glass manufacturing facility in Arizona. It is from this facility, Apple will ship iPhone 2017 with glass casings.

Apple iPhone 7 New features

The upcoming iPhone 7 will ship with 32GB default storage space instead of the traditional 16GB. Furthermore, Apple will integrate lightning port connector instead of the 3.5mm headphone jack. You can expect an additional speaker on the headphone port slot.