Apple iPhone 7 specs leak indicate 3GB of RAM instead of 2GB

A brand new report from DigiTimes adds fuel to the rumors that the upcoming iPhone may feature 3 GB of RAM. The Taipei-based technology newspaper describes the current scenario of the memory chip manufacturing industry in China in the report.

High demand for high capacity memory chips has put huge pressure on the memory chip industry. Huge stocks of memory modules are diminishing rapidly. On top of this, top manufacturers like Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology, and SK Hynix have initiated production cuts of DRAM chips. This further has significantly increased the gap between supply and demand in the industry resulting in escalated contract costs.

The report then speaks about the increase in memory capacity of current flagship Android devices. It has almost become a norm for new generation flagships to sport 6 GB of RAM up from 4 GB. The report then discloses that the forthcoming iPhone will also feature 3 GB of RAM instead of the current 2 GB RAM module.

Apple iPhone 7 release date

The new iPhone is expected to be unveiled released on September 16 this year. The upcoming iPhone will bring very little cosmetic changes in comparison to the present iPhone 6S. Apple is speculated to be focussing more in the internal changes than updating the external appearance.

This year’s iPhone will almost certainly ditch the 3.5 mm headphone port and instead make use of the lightning port for audio output. The larger iPhone 7 Plus is also rumored to feature a dual lens camera set-up. This bigger iPhone may also feature iPad Pro-like smart connectors.

Apple is also rumored to bring three versions of iPhones in the present year. The iPhone 7 or 6SE will feature as the successor of the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 7 Plus as an upgraded iPhone 6S Plus and a brand new iPhone 7 Pro / Plus Pro as the top end model with numerous added features.

Apple iPhone 7 Specs: Three variants, no 3.5mm jack

The iPhone 7 will feature the conventional 4.7-inch display with an enhanced camera lens. The iPhone 7 Plus will come with a 5.5-inch display with an improved camera but no dual camera. The flagship iPhone 7 Pro / Plus Pro will be the same iPhone 7 Plus just with some extra features like the brand new dual lens camera and the smart connectors.

The soon to be released iPhones will sport a similar design language to the current iPhone 6S generation with some minor changes. The antenna lines in the new iPhones will shift to the edges instead of running across the back. The upcoming iPhones may also be a little thinner and boast better water resistivity.

An upgraded A10 chip designed by Apple is anticipated to power the forthcoming smartphones. The internal storage of the iPhones is also presumed to be increased. Apple is being speculated to scrap the 16 GB base variant of iPhone and replace it with a 32 GB. We also expect a 256 GB iPhone this year.