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Apple iPhone 7 release date: iPhone launching on week of September 12

Apple iPhone 7 release date is expected to be the week of September 12, as revealed by Evan Blass aka #evleaks on Twitter. Even though the indication is only a rumor, Blass has a great reputation of being a credible leakster regarding mobile devices. Earlier, there was a speculation that the iPhone 7 will be unveiled in early/mid-September.

Tweeted on July 23 at sharp 10 AM (not IST), Blass shared the information on Twitter with the content “iPhone 2016 release: week of September 12th.” Interestingly, Blass hasn’t specified the device name as iPhone 7 but he referred to as iPhone 2016.

As per the available rumors, Apple will not probably modify the design on the upcoming iPhone significantly when compared to the previous releases. In fact, Apple has been strictly following tick-tock schedule with tick years coming with significant dramatic refreshes. Meanwhile, the tock years (“S” models) are generally equipped with an incremental update.

According to the latest reports, the upcoming iPhone 7 could be potentially another tock year with the company planning for the bigger update for the 10th anniversary.

Apple iPhone 7 will feature an improved and upgraded Apple A10 processor, higher RAM with increased storage capacity. The company is also planning to ditch 16GB storage variant to introduce 32GB as the default model based on the latest technological trends.

You can also expect the integration of 4G LTE modem chipsets manufactured by Intel including the availability of Bluetooth enabled wireless earpads. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 with 4.7-inch variant features an enhanced camera and optical image stabilization. If you look at the 5.5-inch model, the devices will most likely offer dual-lens camera paired with 3GB RAM.

Based on the available reports, the iPhone 7 will be manufactured using a water-resistant body with enhanced dual stereo speakers, improved 3D touch alongside the newly released iOS 10. There are reports that Apple will probably release a 256GB storage variant of iPhone 7 Plus.