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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Deep Sea Blue version leaked online

Adding to the almost countless rounds of leaks that has detailed almost every aspect of the Galaxy Note 9, here is another leak of a Note 9 render done up in a deep shade of blue that has appeared online. The leak courtesy of Sam Mobile also pegged the shade to be referred to as Deep sea blue though there is no confirmation if that is how the particular colour option is going to be officially referred to as.

Samsung too has been quite obsessed with the blue colour for its flagship phone range for the last few years. It should be among the most sought after as well, or else Samsung won’t have been pursuing with the colour this long. The company had however referred to the shade as Coral Blue in the past and it remains to be seen if that is going to be repeated with the shade depicted here as well.

Worth mentioning, there already is a Note 8 variant having a blue shade called deep sea blue. Similarly, the S9 duo is available with the Coral Blue colour option. What is a surety though is that there is definitely going to be a blue coloured Note 9 for the taking when launched though there might be some ambiguity as to what it is eventually going to be referred to.

The phone otherwise is already rumoured to be available in five colour options, that of gray, brown, purple, blue and black. Needless to say, black happens to be the traditional colour option for smartphone while we already have seen a Note 9 render sporting what is being referred to be a shade of Lilac Purple.

Meanwhile, there also are rumors of a particular Note 9 variant that will have a two tone finish using blue and gold. Maybe the principal colour is going to be blue with the sides and other ascents done in gold and vice-versa. What is also known is that the same two tone finish is going to be applicable to the S Pen as well to make for a nice match.

The Note 9 is slated for a grand unveiling on Aug. 9 and would be followed by the pre-ordering process just the next week. Shipments are expected to begin by Aug. 24.

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