Apple iPhone 8 release date hints there is no iPhone 7S

We might still be awaiting iPhone 7 though there are also rumors of iPhone 8 jostling for space and attention in between. If that be true, then there might not be any iPhone 7S next year but a jump straight to iPhone 8.

Set for a fall release next year, as a market watcher, Sun Changxu would like us to believe the iPhone 8 will make a quantum leap in features and performance as a numerical increment in iPhone numbers usually stands for. That would also make it more befitting to be released in a year that would also mark a decade of the launch of the first iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs: OLED display, A11 Processor

That said, all the details aren’t available just yet which is understandable considering it’s something that is still more than a year in future that we are dealing with. Among the few bits and pieces that we know of iPhone 8 at the moment is that it would be using a new chip built using a 10-nanometet process. The chip might be named A11 and is likely to be sourced from the Taiwan-based TSMC.

That apart, another significant development with iPhone 8 is its adoption of OLED displays, claimed Changxu. Current iPhone devices rely on an LCD screen and a switch over to OLED will make for a world of good considering the latter’s energy saving qualities while still delivering superior visuals. Interestingly, the OLED displays are to be supplied by Samsung, the rumor claims.

That again rekindles memories of the bitter fight Apple has had with Samsung a few years back over patent disputes, the aftermath of which continues to linger even now. The latest rumors, therefore, brings a new twist to the Apple vs. Samsung saga and it remains to be seen if better business sense has finally taken over the bitter legal rivalry they have had before.

Apple meanwhile is gearing up for the launch of the iPhone 7 which already is being seen to be a boring device in the making. There aren’t any new exciting features associated with the device yet and is proving to be only an incremental upgrade over the iPhone 6S in spite of this being a new model number year.

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