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Uber and Ola Cabs are ripping off customers’ money: Here’s the proof!


It looks like things are only moving from bad to worse when it comes to Ola and Uber. Not only were there complaints of the unprofessional driver, but the inappropriate sexual advances by the driver was also some of the issues that nearly shaken the company. What now has come into the limelight is the driver ripping the customer by starting the trip without even picking the customers and the amount is debited from the passengers account.

The good old days of Uber when it was appreciated for not only being safer, reasonably priced and pleasant is clearly over. Recently one more disturbing issue of Uber was brought to limelight by the Tech blogger and YouTuber Abhishek Bhatnagar, who booked an Uber cab. The cab which was 5 minutes away from the picking point suddenly started the trip without even picking him. The driver kept the On-trip active for quite a distance before ending the trip.

The charges for the trip was deducted from the respective person account. It is not the first time that Abhishek Bhatnagar had been in this situation, before this, some days back the same type of case happened with him on Ola as well. So to make the citizens more aware of what is going on in the cab hailing service, he posted videos of him booking the cab on both the respective app.

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By bringing this issue, we do not want to tarnish the company but want to make them aware of what are the problems that are being faced by customers on daily basis. Through this incident, one more major problem that has come out is that the app does not have the option to call the drive when he is falsely on a ride. Neither does it give the customer a choice of some instant complaint services.

The need of the hour is for Uber to address this problem, to bring some changes in their app before the customer starts losing their faith on it. One other issue that the cab hailing services needs to address at the earliest is they need to have a thorough background check of the driver before they are hired. Also if there are complaints by the customers, Uber will have to stop looking for excuses and instead take some stringent steps against the accused drivers.

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For now, these may seem like small issues and can be forgiven, but the billion dollar company Uber needs to take some steps now before it turns out to be a major problem and totally tarnish the image of the enterprise.

For now, I simply wish that Uber has looked into this matter and contacted the blogger to address this issue. Here is the video of Uber ripping money from Abhishek Bhatnagar:

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