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Abominable OLA: Evidently ripping people of their money without offering services

OLA fraud

OLA cabs have been doing regular rounds in the controversy mills since their entry into the Indian market. Criminal reasons are a thing of the past. The company took measures, and their services have been reinstated in the country (especially in Delhi). Recently, however, questions have been raised over their services again. Abhishek Bhatnagar, a popular tech blogger in India, and a close friend to PC-Tablet released a video of his experience with OLA.

He starts by saying.. (scratch that) He starts by showing that he booked an OLA cab, and the driver has started the ride even without picking him up. He expresses that he does not even have the option to cancel the ride (as is usual once the ride has started). His screen on the app does not even show the phone number of the driver to call, nor is there a phone number to complain. So he proceeds to try and complain through the app itself, which leads him to multiple options (none of which refers to his situation per-say), so he picks the closest fit “picked someone else.”

He then proceeds to book a cab on Uber, and everything goes just fine with it. Next, he proceeds to go back to the OLA app to see the status. The information shows that the OLA driver has a 4.9 rating (out of 5).

Right in the middle of the video, the ride was ended by the driver, and apparently the money (Rs. 137) was charged from his OLA money wallet. He then had to book another cab from Uber to reach back home on time and safely.


Whatever has happened with Abhishek, is happening with many other people as well. Here are few of the similar complaints reported by the OLA cab users on their official Facebook page.

One More:

And one more:

And few more:

These are just a few among several others. The point here is, if you want to charge more, do it. Just don’t lie and do it. People have the right to know what for and how much they’re paying. As residents of Delhi NCR and India, we respect Abhishek Bhatnagar for standing up for himself and sharing this video and spreading awareness.

Update: OLA has resolved the Abhishek’s issue.

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