The renders of the upcoming LG G6 has surfaced on the web, which reveals the absence of modular design. Touted as a successor to LG G5, the render shared by @OnLeaks on Twitter showcases the rear side of the smartphone.Expected to be announced during Mobile World Congress 2017, the pictures of the LG G6 were originally leaked by Gear India (My Smart Price). The pictures reveal not only the rear side but also top and bottom corners with various controls such as USB Type-C Port and speakers.

In addition to the leaked images, Gear India also released a 360-degree video comprising of all the renders. This will enable you to view a snapshot of all the images in one go.

Upon inspection of the leaked images, we can confirm the presence of dual-camera setup and the fingerprint sensor. If the leaked renders were to be believed, the forthcoming LG G6 will completely ditch the modular design in LG G5 to pave way for a sleeker look and feel. The new design will substantially reduce the thickness of the handset than the previous counterpart.

If you verify the leaked renders, you will be able to conclude that the overall design of LG G6 is more or less same as the G5. However, the new edition will be manufactured in a flat design instead of contoured on the LG G5.

LG G6 to ship with reflective metal material

Unlike LG G5, the LG G6 will be available in glossy and matte finish rear panel variants. There are rumors that LG might make use of a ‘highly reflective metallic material’ for the rear panel of LG G6.

That being said, LG is not eliminating the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. If you inspect the leaked images, you will be able to spot the port on the top edge corner of the phone.

Furthermore, the LG G6 also ships with an integrated USB Type-C port on the bottom portion alongside three grills supposed to be that of the front-firing speakers. We can also clearly see the microphone on the corner.

Friends accessories not compatible with LG G6

As of writing this, we are unable to confirm whether the leaked renders are indeed accurate. If the images are found to be true, then you will not be able to make use of LG ‘Friends’ accessories with the LG G6. This is because they would not be compatible with the new phone.

With LG Friends accessories, you will be able to attach them to the G5 handset by removing the bottom portion. In the leaked renders of LG G6, we are unable to find any way to insert the accessories on the rear side. Hence, the new LG G6 will not feature any detachable parts.

Coming to specifications, the LG G6 will be equipped with a 5.3-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 835 processor, dual camera setup paired with dual-tone LED flash. You can expect same RAM and internal storage capacities.

As it is evident from the renders, the rear-facing camera sensors will most likely have different focal lengths. The fingerprint scanner located below the rear camera will also serve as not only the power button but also provides an ability to unlock the phone.

Based on the available reports, LG will also make use of a wireless charging module at the rear, which will have an ability to charge the battery up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.