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Asteroid Day Unveils More Data On Asteroid Research

The Asteroid Day is finally here. An international movement that was founded back in 2015 once announced that at one point in future, the Earth will encounter a huge asteroid impact. It’s not clear when or how or where the worst collision will happen but the scientists urge people to get prepared. There is much unclear information on the occurrence and so far it’s only the engineers and astrophysicists who can get the world ready to face the monster.

On June 29, researchers at the University of Nebraska and other institutions were eager to recognize the Asteroid Day and how far the world is getting prepared to counter the asteroid monster. The event took place at the Nebraska State Museum, at Morrill Hall. The occasion brings a great opportunity to discuss the Earth’s potential demise by the unknown asteroids.

The theories surrounding the asteroid research has been entangled in a long debate with many scientists claiming that the likelihood of such an occurrence is very minimal. According to Elsbeth Magilton, the executive director of the College of the Law’s Space at the University of Nebraska commented that the risk of the disturbing asteroid attacking the world is very low and hence, there is no need of worrying that the object would crumble the Earth at one time.

Zach Thompson, the coordinator at the University of Nebraska also added that the planet killers such as the ones that wiped up the generation of dinosaurs happen only once after every 100 million years and they are so huge that the scientist can easily monitor them using the advanced technology to know their magnitude way before they happen.

The Asteroid Day is considering the increasing presence of smaller chunks in the space about the size of a football field that could come to attack the Earth in the near future. With asteroids of such a small size, Thompson stated that it would be difficult for scientists to know their impact until maybe they have already come about.

In 2013, there was an asteroid explosion around the Chelyabinsk area in Russia that blew the windows of the surrounding buildings. In February, an asteroid-like meteor made a bright green fire over Milwaukee.