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VMware acquires Arkin to tap Cloud infrastructure management


VMWare has acquired Arkin, an India-based cloud infrastructure management startup with its data centers in Pune and United States. Even though the financial details and terms of the acquisition were not revealed by both companies, the whole transaction is expected to be completed before the end of the current quarter.

Commenting on the acquisition, Ajay Singh, senior vice president and general manager, cloud management business unit, VMware disclosed that Arkin will be an ideal fit for both VMWare and its customers in their quest to accelerate business, which includes cloud management and network virtualization.

He said that VMWare NSX, when paired with Arkin’s VRealize, will deliver the required security and operations management platform for the upcoming future. Singh revealed that over the period of time, Arkin will be able to break even and solidify its position.

As soon as the acquisition formalities are completed by the end of August 2016, Arkin will join hands with the cloud management business unit of VMware. That being said, Arkin has already established a partnership with VMware NSX, network virtualization platform, which can be operated using a wide range of tools provided by VMWare.

Responding to media queries, Shiv Agarwal, co-founder and chief executive officer, Arkin revealed that his company is excited to join hands with the VMware family. The acquisition will help the company to scale to the next level easily since they can make use of the tools developed by VMWare.

Agarwal, meanwhile, responded that the products developed by Arkin have been developed from scratch exclusively for VMware NSX network virtualization. Moreover, the products are completely aligned with the core NSX use cases of IT automation, security in addition to application continuity.

In addition to Agarwal, Arkin was founded by Rohit Toshniwal and Mukul Gupta to simplify the way engineers deal with various operations to reduce the barriers to Software-defined data center (SDDC). Moreover, the company provides a search engine to enable organizations to search, share and collaborate with both virtual and physical layers of the organization.

VMWare had already collaborated with Arkin to build solutions for Columbia Sportswear, California Department of Water Resources (CDWR) and Nebraska Medicine.

Earlier in 2015, Arkin had raised over $15 million in series B funding from Nexus Venture Partners in addition to the previously raised $7 million from both Nexus and other stakeholders.

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