Amkette recently launched EvoTV2 which is capable of converting your normal Television into Smart TV at a price tag of Rs. 6499. Dubbed as an advanced streaming device and a smarter media player, the new EvoTV2 is specially designed using premium materials and comes with nearly 200 apps to enable users to experience thousands of movies, songs, and games.


Inside the package, you will find the product, a handy remote control, HDMI cable, 3 AAA batteries, power charger and detailed instruction booklet. The bottom of the square shaped streaming device bears an orange color with several ventilation grills. Amkette has integrated four high quality bushes on the bottom to provide adequate grip to the device.

You will also find three USB ports through which you can connect pen drives or portable hard drives. The device also includes an AV and Ethernet port as well. The remote control accepts 3 batteries, which you need to insert before starting to work on the device.


On the specifications front, the Amkette EvoTV2 features a powerful quad-core processor, dedicated Arm Mali 450 graphic processor, 4 USB ports (with support up to 2TB external hard drive), and 8GB internal storage.

Amkette has bundled dual mode Air remote to interact with the device. The new processor integrated with the device is capable of delivering an enhanced performance with the embedded 3D graphics processor and HD Decoder.


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The Amkette EvoTV2, meanwhile, also includes 7.1 Digital Surround Sound speakers to deliver crystal quality sound for a home theater experience in the casual home environment. The KODI app included with the device enables you to easily organize your media library. You can access this app directly from the dashboard.

With support for YouTube streaming on all platforms, the Amkette EvoTV2 also works with AirPlay for iPhones and Mac OS X. Moreover, you will be able to access plenty of free and premium content via official Amkette store.


As soon as you power the device, an indicator lamp will glow on the middle and a large dashboard will be displayed on the big screen. The settings page will enable you to modify parameters related to connectivity, display and others. You can establish connectivity either via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Bluetooth as per your requirements.


Amkette EvoTV2 is an excellent device to stream and watch videos on the big screen. In addition to the ability to play media files from pen drive and portable hard disk, you can also stream videos from wither from YouTube or third party services. In case of other competing devices like Tewee or Google Chromecast, you will be able to play content only from your smartphone or tablet.

You need to cast or stream videos from your smartphone, which will consume huge battery. But in case of EvoTv2 you can insert a pen drive or hard disk up to 2TB to watch quality content in addition to direct streaming from the web. For an additional Rs. 3500, Amkette has designed an excellent product, which is capable of converting your TV into a smart TV.