Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla, tweeted through his account this morning stating that Samsung will not be making batteries for the Tesla Model 3 cars. The tweet further stated that any report claiming otherwise is incorrect.

Reuters recently published a post that claimed Samsung SDI and Tesla may be in talks with each other, where the former may supply battery cells for the new Tesla Model 3 cars.

The Tesla Model 3 was unveiled earlier this year and is due to hit the roads sometime in the beginning of the following year. Elon Musk’s tweet stated that Panasonic works with Tesla at the moment and will be devising the battery cells for the new Tesla Model 3.

Panasonic has worked with Tesla over a number of years and has deviced batteries for the Tesla Model S and Model X.

The article by Reuters additionally stated that Samsung may supply battery cells for Tesla’s energy storage products, such as Powerwall. Many other sites reported the possibility of Samsung bridging the gap for batteries on account of the high demand for the Tesla Model 3 cars.

Powerwall acts as a backup battery that is able to power your home by creating a smart micro-grid as well as route excess power back to the main grid, saving power on a large scale. No mention denying the probability of Samsung’s involvement in such future projects has come to light. This probably means that Samsung SDI may be involved to a certain degree in other such projects.

Tesla is working with Panasonic at the battery building center termed ‘Gigafactory’ situated at Nevada. The production center is due to open on July 29th and is expected to produce 35-gigawatts of battery capacity per year which Tesla claims is more than the World’s lithium battery production for 2013. The Gigafactory is said to be the World’s second largest commercial manufacturing space, second only to the Boeing Everett Factory.