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Sony launches new ZV-1 compact lightweight digital camera, ideal for vloggers and creators

Sony just introduced a new imaging solution for vloggers and creators – the new ZV-1 digital camera. Sony said the biggest positive with the new ZV-1 is its compact dimensions, it being small enough to fit into the pocket easily. It is lightweight too, which makes it easy to carry and handle as well.

The ZV-1, otherwise comes with all the qualities that you’d expect of a high-end digital camera. That includes the ability to shoot high-quality images and videos while still being surprisingly easy to use. The video-forward design, along with the side-opening large LCD panel makes it just perfect for content creators and vloggers or just about anybody for capturing high-quality shots.

The side-opening LCD panel also makes it just right for clicking selfies as well. Sony is calling it the Vari-angle LCD screen which simplifies things for users to begin shooting using the rather large REC button. Sony said the camera has been so designed to make it just perfect for single-handed usage.

With the advanced image stabilization feature that it incorporates, users will be able to capture steady videos even while walking. Sony said the optical and electronic stabilization technology can reduce shakiness by 11 times when shooting in HD mode. In 4k recording mode, the Optical Steady Shot feature kicks in to reduce shaking by 8 times.

Also included in the package is the GP-VPT2BT Shooting Grip complete with a Wireless Remote Commander. While this keeps thing simple by offering connectivity sans the physical wires, the handle makes it easy to hold and shoot stable videos at all times.

Among the other features of the new ZV-1 include its ability to record clear audio. Besides, the camera enables you to choose from two background bokeh options, all while ensuring the most natural skin tones are captured. The camera also boasts of auto exposure along with high-end audio-visual features all aimed at allowing you to have the perfect shot in a diverse external environment.

Coming to its price, the new ZV-1 can be yours for a cool Rs. 77,990. The camera will be on sale starting August 6, 2020, onwards.

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