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Skullcandy Women’s Method Wireless Review: Best affordable sports wireless headphones

The Skullcandy Women’s method Wireless are premium range Bluetooth in-ear headphones designed to be used during workout or sports sessions. It comes with a rubber neckband and built-in microphone for calls. Skullcandy claims to give eight hours of music playback with a full charge battery. There are lots of wireless earphones which doesn’t come with neckband and costs less. So, is the neckband worth it or not? Let’s find out in this review of Women’s Method Wireless earphones.

Unboxing and Design

The earphones are a bit different from what we usually see in earphones with a neckband. It comes with a big chunk of plastic on both ends of the neckband, one of which I assume contains battery and other contains all the electronics. Which also explain the eight hours of battery backup and also it keeps the neckband in place.

The neckband is made of rubber material, perfect size for neck and is very flexible but doesn’t leave it’s “Band form”. The wire connecting the earbuds and the neckband are long enough and also adjustable to manage the hanging wires. The buds are also made with very less plastic, the wire strain is rubber and covers the back of the earbuds.

I must say that the ear tips come with this headphones are the best one I have ever used. These earbuds don’t feel to be made of some other material but it fits perfectly in ears and won’t fall out in any condition. The box also contains a USB cable for charging, four pairs of earbuds (one pair already applied) and a warranty explaining a piece of paper (not a card).

Sound Performance and Comfort

The Women’s Method Wireless in-ear headphones are the most comfortable because of its rubber neckband, it fits perfectly on the neck and stays in its place. The earbuds are also very soft and comfortable, also stays in the ears even while jogging. The neckband is also sweat resistant and works perfectly for what it is designed for.

The sound performance is not the best feature of this headphones because the quality is not up to the mark. There are lots of other wireless earphones which sounds better than these and costs a lot lesser. The highs of the sound are not clear and also not high enough, the mids and lows are good but not as good as other competitors earphones. There are some bass to the music to feel but won’t be able to convince a music lover (like me).

Connecting the earphones to smartphone or tablet is no issue, connects perfectly and no disturbance at all. It works for a good distance when in the line of sight but when walls involved, the connects starts to distort a bit. Overall the connection performance is perfect because you can use it in your gym without any problem.


  • Rubber neckband makes it comfortable
  • Long battery backup


  • Sound quality is a big disappointment in this price range


Coming to the final verdict, these earphones are not the perfect thing if the music is your first preference over the best fit! They are specifically designed to be used during a workout session, and they work perfectly for what they have been developed by the company. They are already available on Amazon for a price tag INR 4,300.