Sony In-ear MDR-EX750AP earphones review: Two words, Tight Bass!

Sony released new in-ear headphones in the market under the h.ear in series. There are lots of new brands in the market of earphones, but Sony is above them all. Sony is known for making high-end quality sound devices and the MDR-EX750AP is one of them. These are premium earphones with a price tag of Rs. 6,999 and the color we got are the Viridian Blue, let’s see if these earphones can do what it says on the box!

Unbox and Design

Sony h.ear in 6

The box in which it came in doesn’t look any different from what we see in earphone packaging but inside that box is another box which shows the premium-ness of these earphones. The box is Viridian Blue colored (same color as the headphones) with a flap on it to access the earphones. Under that flap is the headphone which we were looking for, apart from the earphones, there is a carry pouch, a cable adjuster, and four different sized ear tips. The pouch is of high quality and perfectly fits the earphones with the cable adjuster.

Sony h.ear in 1

The earphones look pretty simple, no fancy work on the earbuds or any other part of the earphones. Cable is the same color as the earbuds with aluminum enclosure. The in-line remote control got one click button with a microphone. The 3.5mm plug is L-shaped and a little bigger which I don’t like because I prefer straight earplugs so I can keep my smartphone in the pocket while connected. The box says that the cable is tangle free which doesn’t seem accurate because of cable tangles every time I put it in my pocket or the carry pouch. The build quality of the wires is also not up to the mark.

Sony h.ear in 3


  • Drivers: 9mm dome type
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz
  • Cord Length: 1.2 m
  • Weight: 5g (without wires)
  • In Box: Carrying pouch, cable adjuster, ear tips (four sizes) and quick start guide


I am very much satisfied with the build quality of the headphones (except the wires), the earbuds are very comfortable and lightweight. It doesn’t feel like wearing these in ears, the ear tips are also soft and fit perfectly. The wire adjuster comes in handy in some situations and doesn’t look any weird on the earphones. The carry pouch is slim and can easily be fit in the pocket for carrying it if you don’t carry a backpack.

Sony h.ear in 4

Now comes the sound performance, I have to say that Sony is the best brand when it comes to sound quality. The 9mm drivers on these headphones are as loud as you want them to be, it can do anything, it doesn’t matter which genre of music you like. The clarity of the music is so amazing, the highs are high, and the lows are low, you can turn up the volume to maximum, but still, the sound quality and clarity stay amazing.

One thing which every user wants to know about the earphones is, how’s the bass? Let me tell you, there are lots of brands in the market with highly priced earphones, but none of them can match the bass which I experienced in these earphones. The bass is incredible as long as you are streaming the music with the best quality available. You can feel the bass in your head. Also, the sound doesn’t leave the earphones and there is no leaking of the sound.

Sony h.ear in 2


  • Crystal clear highs and tight bass
  • Very light weight and comfortable
  • Cable adjuster helps a lot


  • The build quality of the cable is bit of a concern


The Sony MDR-EX750AP are one of the best earphones I have experienced, of course, there are many earphones that can provide much better output but not with in this price range. These Sony earphones are available for Rs. 6,999 on official Sony website. If you want to buy earphones with high bass without spending a lot of money, then go for this one.

Design and build
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sony-ear-mdr-ex750ap-earphones-review-two-words-tight-bassIf you want to buy earphones with high bass without spending a lot of money, then go for this one.

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