One of the fallouts of the stupendous success of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is that both of them have managed to restore consumer confidence in the company. So when the Galaxy Note 8 is eventually launched, memories of exploding Note 7s will be further down the alley in most people’s memory.

Instead, initial rumors point to Samsung actually prepping a blockbuster of a device that would succeed the ill-fated Note 7. Let’s find out in what ways the Galaxy Note 8 will differ from last year’s Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy Note 8: Design

Samsung’s new design theme characterized by minimal bezel along the top and bottom and none along the sides will reflect on the upcoming Note 8 as well. The S8 and S8 Plus are already shining examples of that and the same is expected with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 too.

In fact, so striking is the Note 8 (presumably so) that the Note 7 already seems to be from a bygone era already. And the Note 7 isn’t even a year old as yet.

Also, with the bottom bezel reduced to just the bare minimum, the first casualty is, of course, the home button. And gone would be the underlying fingerprint sensor as well.

Instead, the Note 8 is rumored to have the finger scanning stuff beneath the front display. That again would be a great technological innovation, besides taking care of one of the drawbacks of the S8 range where the sensor is placed beside the cam and often gets mistaken for the other.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy Note 8: Display

The display has always been a strong point with every Samsung flagships, usually packing more pixels per square inch than corresponding iPhone devices. Some also believe the Galaxy Note 8 might come with a 4K display compared to the SAMOLED screen on its predecessor; the same again is contested by many given the former’s battery sipping quality.

However, the biggest change could be in the screen dimension. So while the Note 7 came with a 5.7-inch display, its likely to be 6.4-inch on the Note 8 with external device dimension remaining largely the same.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy Note 8: Camera

The Note 7 had one of the best cameras ever on a mobile and the same could be enhanced two times over in the Note 8. Exact details aren’t available though rumors suggest the same (or maybe enhanced) 12MP camera might be carried forward in the Note 8.

However, a secondary lens with  3.X optical zoom might also be part of the rear camera setup. Further, the dual cameras would be vertically aligned along the middle of the device, rumors claimed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy Note 8: Battery

This no doubt would be one of the biggest gray areas for Samsung to focus on, and rightfully so. And to negate any such chances, Samsung is believed to have turned to its domestic competitor LG to supply the battery needed for the Note 8.

No info though as to what battery size will eventually make it to the Note 8. Just for reference, the Note 7 came with a 3,500mAh that comfortably coasted through the entire day under normal usage, while still having quite some left.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy Note 8: Specs

Flagship phones come with flagship specs. So while the then top-of-the-line Snapdragon 820 graced the Note 7, its successor, the Snapdragon 835 seems the automatic choice to lend the Note 8 some serious processing punch. The device is also rumored to pack Samsung’s in-house Exynos 8995 processor.

However, while the Note 7 made do with a 4 GB memory, it remains to be seen if the same gets enhanced to 6 GB on the Note 8, as some speculate.

On the whole, the Galaxy Note 8 seems to be shaping up into a mighty phone that could seriously hinder Apple anniversary iPhone celebrations. Competition is here forewarned.