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PUBG in talks with Reliance Jio to make a comeback in India

Gaming is one thing that the Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio wants to be in in a really big way, and PUBG seems to be the perfect platform to get started on this. As things stand at the moment, both Jio and PUBG are already in talks, which, if successful, will see the re-introduction of the battle royale game in India all over again.

The Indian government had just weeks back banned the game, citing danger to the security and sovereignty of the country. The primary issue was that of the company collecting user information, perhaps much more than what it legitimately needed and storing them in servers that were in Chinese control. This posed a huge risk as the sort of information it collected together with the sheer volume of it put at risk the privacy and security of the Indian users.

Worth mentioning, India happens to be the largest market for PUBG with the makers being of South Korean origin. One of the first steps it took post the ban was to cut ties with the Chinese firm Tencent with which it has sort of a marketing deal. The company also stated they are eager to tie up with an Indian firm to allow its re-entry in the Indian market.

This is where Jio comes on the scene and from the latest that we know on this, both companies are in talks to finalise the profit sharing deal. One option, of course is to go for a 50:50 partnership. Another option is that of Reliance Jio guaranteeing PUBG revenues depending on the number of Jio users on a monthly basis.

Also, while talks are on, that again is no guarantee of the deal making it through eventually. But then, for PUBG, it makes sense to tie up with Jio considering that the Reliance company has the largest share of the Indian telecom market at the moment. Maybe we will get to know more on this anytime soon.