Home News Potential iPad Pro Upgrades That Could Spur Instant Purchases

Potential iPad Pro Upgrades That Could Spur Instant Purchases

Potential iPad Pro Upgrades That Could Spur Instant Purchases

Apple’s iPad Pro continuously pushes the boundaries of tablet computing. Rumors and speculation continually abound about the next generation of iPad Pro, and what features it might include to tempt current owners and newcomers alike. Here’s a look at seven potential features that could make the next iPad Pro an irresistible upgrade.

Key Highlights

  • Higher Prices: The switch to OLED technology is expected to increase the price, with estimates starting at $1,500 and $1,800 for the 11-inch and 13-inch models, respectively.
  • Camera Upgrades: Expect improvements in both the rear and front-facing cameras, bringing features like Smart HDR 5, the Photonic Engine, and potentially even a 48MP main camera.
  • New Connector Type: Rumors suggest the introduction of a new four-pin connector, potentially enhancing peripheral connectivity.
  • Wireless and Reverse Wireless Charging: Apple is exploring wireless charging, with a design possibly featuring a glass-back or large Apple logo for this functionality, along with reverse wireless charging capabilities.
  • Revamped Magic Keyboard: The new Magic Keyboard may feature a larger trackpad and an aluminum structure for a more laptop-like feel.
  • M3 Chip: The iPad Pro could be powered by the M3 chip, offering significant performance boosts over its predecessors.
  • iPadOS 17: With the latest OS, users can expect new features like an updated Lock Screen, Live Activities support, and enhanced Stage Manager functionality.

OLED Displays Could Provide Stunning Visuals

The biggest buzz surrounds Apple’s rumored transition from mini-LED (currently in the 12.9-inch model) and LCD technology to OLED displays across the entire iPad Pro line. OLED screens are known for their exceptional contrast ratio, deep blacks, and vibrant colors. This would undoubtedly provide a significant visual upgrade for iPad Pro users.

More Power Under the Hood

It’s a safe bet that Apple’s next iPad Pro will feature an even faster processor than the current impressive M2 chip. Possibly an M3 or an even further refined M-series chip could be in store. Enhanced computing power would translate directly to snappier everyday performance, as well as better handling demanding tasks like video editing and complex gaming.

The Little Things Matter, Too

While big-ticket upgrades like the screen and processor are exciting, other potential refinements shouldn’t be overlooked. More generous base storage is always welcome, as is longer battery life. A repositioned front-facing camera to the longer bezel would be much more flattering for video calls in landscape mode.

Wish List Item: A Second USB-C Port

While perhaps unlikely, a second USB-C port would open up many workflow possibilities for the iPad Pro. Connecting more peripherals simultaneously without clunky dongles, as well as more flexible charging options, would be useful for power users.

The Magic Keyboard May Get a Makeover

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a popular accessory for the iPad Pro, but there’s always room for improvement. Rumors suggest possible changes to the keyboard, but specific details are scarce.

When Can We Expect Updates?

While there’s no concrete release date, analysts predict the next iPad Pro could arrive in late 2024. Of course, Apple could always surprise us with an earlier announcement.


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