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Pokemon GO release date: Coming to 200 new markets soon


The head of Niantic has announced that the massively popular Pokemon GO will be released in 200 countries and regions very soon. He also declared that the gaming servers are being revamped to facilitate the upcoming load.

The virtual reality based game has blended the real world perfectly with an augmented Pokemon world. This combination of the 20-year-old Pokémon franchise with modern day Virtual Reality simulation has proved to be extremely successful. Till now, Pokemon GO has launched in USA, Britain, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

Despite launching only in a handful of countries, people around the globe have gone crazy for the game. (Here are few Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks) John Hanke, the chief executive of Niantic, the company which co-developed the Pokemon GO with the Pokemon Company said to Reuters that the company will release the game in every possible part of the world.

Although Hanke refused to detail the release timeline, he noted the fact that Ingress, the first virtual reality based game by Niantic took around two months to launch at such a large scale.

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The shares of Nintendo, the company who owns the Pokemon Company and has stakes in Niantic, escalated by 10 percent. It shattered the record of highest individual stock trading volume ever on the Tokyo share market. The company has seen an increase of 86 percent of its market value in little more than one week. The market value of the company has increased by a whopping 17 billion USD.

Niantic claims that it solutions for the mapping problem in South Korea where security reasons have resulted in restricted use of Google Maps. Hanke has also mentioned that Pokemon GO will soon be made official in Japan.

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He was secretive regarding the possibility of launching the game in China, stating the company needs to work with the strict rules and regulations of the country.

Hanke also mentioned about a sponsorship program, which will lead gamers into privately sponsored locations earning the game developer a token amount for every individual visiting the place.

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