Pokemon Go surpasses Facebook with more average daily usage

New stats have revealed that Pokemon Go is getting more daily user engagement compared to popular mobile apps like Facebook and Twitter.

The data comes from mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, which claims that users are spending more time playing the augmented reality game, with over 33 minutes of average daily usage, overtaking the likes of popular social networking apps like Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

According to the data revealed, Facebook bagged an average of 22 minutes of use; Snapchat managed to pull-off 18 minutes while Twitter racked up an average of 17 minutes.

Pokemon Go is yet to launch in several countries, and several stability issues need to be fixed. Though since its release on July 6, the game has already set several records. For instance, just four and a half hours after its launch, Pokemon Go became the most downloaded app in the US on the App Store, apparently a new record for gaming titles.

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It also becomes the top grossing gaming app in record time, reaching the milestone in just 14 hours. The game is already making $1.6 million every day in the US from iOS users for in-app purchases.

Moreover, the app is soon expected to have more users than Twitter on Android. Since the game’s launch, approximately 3 percent of Android users play Pokemon Go daily for an average of 43 minutes, which is more than the amount of time they spend on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger.

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But more impressive than daily active user and download counts is the app’s longevity. Studies have revealed that an average app loses around 77 percent of its daily active users in the first three days after launch, though Pokemon Go is still going strong even after a week since it’s release.

The game hasn’t even witnessed it’s global release yet, as its currently available only in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Overwhelming user traffic has been causing server issues, but once those are fixed the game is expected to see a much wider release.