Facebook Snapchat rivalry intensifies as social media giant acquires Masquerade

Now, Facebook-owned Masquerade that can transform one’s looks and convert faces in cartoons lookalike competes with Snapchat. Experts hint that this buyout has intensified Facebook’s rivalry with Snapchat that it failed to acquire in 2013. However, Social Media giant did not disclose the amount it spent on this buyout.

Interestingly, Masquerade operates on photo/video editing filters and features similar to Snapchat that allows face editing, transformation, overlay make-up and animals masks, etc. This deal will undoubtedly help Facebook strengthen its list of creative tools, stickers, picture texts and finger doodles.

Experts close to the matter believe that this buyout comes as no surprise as Facebook always wanted to respond to Snapchat, which is progressing to millions of video streams on a daily basis. Face-changing apps apparently started booming since the day Snapchat extended support to live filters last year.

On the other hand, face-swapping has also attracted Social Media enthusiasts in huge numbers, especially since the rise of innovation in the AR (Augmented Reality) industry as well photo/face editing fun apps across major mobile ecosystems.

Facebook, in a statement, said that the Masquerade buyout will help it “bring even more creative tools to Facebook, and help extend this work to video.”

In 2013, Facebook had offered $3 billion to acquire Snapchat that the instant messaging company denied accepting, the Wall Street Journal report revealed.

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