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Pokemon Go India release date soon: Things you need to know

People from all over the world have been going crazy for the Pokemon Go after it released on July 6 in USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Anxious Pokemon fans from around the globe have been demanding for the game to be launched in their respective countries. In the meantime, impatient gamers have already started playing the game by loading it from unofficial third part APKs.

Aspiring Pokemon Go players can soon be able to get their hands on the game. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Pokemon Go will be released in Asia and Europe in just a few days.

The virtual reality based game have shattered records and topped the chart of mobile games since it has been launched, making it one of the most popular games launched ever by Nintendo.

The developer of this game, Niantic Labs, is in a miserable condition trying to deal with the enormous traffic with its gaming servers. The unexpected load is forcing frequent server disconnections and several game crashes. Failure to deal with the unanticipated demand had forced Nintendo to temporarily pause releasing the game in the other countries.

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The tremendous success of Pokemon Go has added an extra 9 billion USD market value to the Nintendo stock prices raising it to nearly 28 billion USD.

In an awkward situation, Pokemon fans from around the globe have filed a petition demanding Niantic Labs to code the Pokemon Go game to be made compatible with Intel Atom processors although Intel is reportedly preparing to exit from the mobile chipset business.

Sadly, for the users of Windows smartphone, Nintendo have released official statement mentioning that Pokemon Go will not be available for the Windows Mobile Operating System.

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