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It’s official! Microsoft Surface Book 2 to feature hinge design

Microsoft Surface Book 2

An image showed up on Microsoft’s Instagram account today, showing off what appears to be a new hinge design for the yet-to-be-announced Surface Book 2. Headed as “Your key to success”, the post does not exactly say that this is going to be how Surface Book 2’s hinge will look like however, the image most definitely shows the familiar looking Surface Book keyboard, as is easily visible from its distinctive design and layout, sporting a hinge that looks nothing like the one found on the current models. Moreover, the hinge seems to be the focus of the image, dividing it perfectly.

The Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, Daniel Rubino, confirmed that the image is from a Microsoft concept video made internally for the Surface Book 2.

Although the final design may have some changes for the launch of the Surface Book 2, this teaser image released is in agreement with previous rumors that Microsoft might be redesigning the hinge system, in order to reduce the gap between the keyboard and display when the device is shut.

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The release/announcement of the Surface Book 2 is still far off, with most rumors claiming that it will be unveiled in the spring of 2017, in time with the release of the next big update for Windows 10, dubbed as Redstone 2.

The hinge is meant to allow the laptop screen to sit flat on the keyboard, just like regular notebooks. Existing Surface Books have space, introduced by the use of a fulcrum hinge that allows the display to detach from the keyboard. The company is expected to unveil its brand new Surface Book 2 next year, but this early teaser campaign could be an indication that the company is ready to unveil it a little sooner. This may not be a traditional approach, but the tech giant may be looking for a surprise value with a new launch. This is one of the most anticipated laptop launches since the previous Surface Book and is already breaking the rumor mills.

An early release may be on the cards, but there’s no word about the price. The recently launched Asus Zenbook that costs close to Rs. 1,50,000 could be the nearest competitor. Besides the build upgrade, there are bound to be some software upgrades. This will, of course, include the i7.

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