Microsoft launches new initiative to help people acquire the digital skills needed to get new jobs

Microsoft has announced they are initiating a new scheme to help people acquire the requisite digital skills that should help revive the global economy ravaged by the Covid 19 pandemic. Microsoft said they are looking to make 25 million people have more digital skills by end-2020 that should help them switch over and adjust to the more in-demand jobs currently available.

The Richmond based company said such initiatives should help the global economy recover earlier than it would otherwise be possible. The company said they wish to reach out to those who have been hit the hardest due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It said this is going to be a combined effort from the company with resources drawn in from all sources, including GitHub and LinkedIn, apart from the parent company Microsoft of course.

The company also detailed its new skills initiative campaign will primarily comprise of three components. Those include identifying the job that are in demand at the moment along with the skills needed to pursue those jobs. Thereafter, the initiative aims to provide free access to the means so that people acquire the skills that the job demands them to have.

Lastly, such candidates will be provided low-cost certificates along with the tools needed for job-searching. This, Microsoft hopes, will serve as a means to connect job seekers with prospective employers.

Microsoft said the entire effort is going to be technology-driven and would start by processing data on jobs and skills available in the LinkedIn Economic Graph. After that, people will be provided free access to content in LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, and the GitHub Learning Lab. Microsoft Certifications and LinkedIn job-seeking tools, too, will be at work to help the job seekers.

Microsoft, in a blog post, revealed the entire resources will be available in four languages at the moment – English, French, German, and Spanish and can be accessed from the single location¬† –¬†


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