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LG V20 release date in India confirmed: Smartphone coming in September

LG V20 release date

It’s confirmed that LG V20 is soon coming to India. Now, Kim Ki-Wan, LG India MD has commented that the smartphone will be launched in the country within a month. He has also confirmed that the plans for the launch have also been finalized.

LG V20 Release Date and Specs in India

LG V20 is scheduled to unveil on the 6th of September, and it will be the first mobile phone to come with Android Nougat v7.0 from the box. Various renders and images of the phone have been leaked previously, and speculations suggest that it will come sporting a dual-rear camera setup and also a secondary screen.

It is also said to feature a QHD display that measures either 5.6- or 5.7-inch and could well be powered by a Snapdragon 820 or 821 SoC with a 4GB RAM. The company has also confirmed that the smartphone will come packing a 32-bit Hi-Fi quad-DAC and for audio, it has partnered with the audiophile company B&O Play. The company claims that the V20 will “function nice-in-class audio.” It is possible that this means every other plug-in module rumors from B&O.

Ki-Wan also revealed that stats suggest that the modular design of the G5 has clearly failed to impress consumers. He said, “Modular phones are not very successful,” adding that the firm is in the decision-making phase of making an internal call about the future of their modular phones strategy.

Last month the company confirmed that there had been significant job cuts because of this failure. Modular phones haven’t gained a strong market, yet, but the G5 was one of the most anticipated flagships of the year. The design, hardware, and software disappointed the masses hugely, resulting in a colossal failure of the flagship. Rumours also say that a revamped G5 may well be on the cards in 2017, but there has been no such official statement.

LG V20 Price in India

Ki-Wan’s confirmation comes as an unanticipated news, right before the new iPhone 7 launch. The Apple launch event is scheduled for September 7. What strategy the company has in mind for this event and phone is quite unclear but, doing it right before such a big launch seems to be a bold move. This is especially after the massive failure of a recent flagship launch.

Meanwhile, there is no news on the LG V20 price in India. We will update you on it pricing and availability as soon as it comes. Stay tuned to PC-Tablet.

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