LG V20 release date: Modular smartphone renders reveal design and features

LG has announced the launch of its flagship V20 on 6th September. The supposedly modular device running on Android Nougat 7.0 will have a dual screen and a dual selfie camera, just like the V10, its predecessor. The first looks suggest that the device will sport a 5.7-inch display with button placement similar to that of the G5. According to the rumors, the company’s failure with modularity in the G5 doesn’t seem to have stopped them. The rendered images reveal a button on the right that looks suspiciously like the module release button similar to the one on the G5. There also appears to be a bottom lip, just like in the other flagship, that can be removed to make way for the modules.

The renders also show that the camera could produce a massive bulge at the rear. Sources suggest the handset is going to be 7.7 mm thick. The bulge created by the camera could be as big as 1.1 mm. This could be due to the extra protection for both the lenses. The device is said to be 159.5 mm tall and 78.1 mm wide. These indicate slight variations in the dimensions from it predecessor (slightly narrower).

The front of the V20 has a ticker-tape secondary display right above the primary display, which also means that the device will have feature minimal bezels. The power button remains to be placed on the rear and will most likely have a fingerprint sensor embedded in it. The volume control keys have been moved to the left as they are on the G5. The company seems to have left behind its rear power and volume layout.

The V20 is set to launch in just under four weeks, but there haven’t been many rumors or a lot of official statements about it, so as far as the specs are concerned, we are considerably in the dark. However, as our speculations have it, a Quad HD display (is very likely to be on the cards. The device could well be powered by either the Snapdragon 820 or 821 processor, paired with 4GB of RAM, and as mentioned earlier, it will most likely have the dual-camera setup from the G5. USB Type-C port isn’t hard to imagine, either.

The 6th of September isn’t far away, and the mystery of this one shall soon be resolved.

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