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Android N 7.0 finally out: New Android Nougat features you should know

Android N 7.0 or Android Nougat is officially out. The company launched the fifth preview version of the next Android OS, which revealed a lot about the new Android OS features. The latest Android Nougat brings with itself a variety of features which was much awaited on Android running smartphones.

Meanwhile, the update is rolling out to few Nexus devices and Pixel C as well as Android One smartphones. The update started rolling to these devices from August 22 and other devices will receive the same soon. Google also mentioned the LG V20 will be the first phone to come with Android Nougat pre-installed.

We have curated a list of all these features for you to have a close look at them. Let’s see what Google has to offer in its new Android 7.0 OS.

Android N Multi-window support

Multi-window feature is the most awaited feature for Android smartphone users. Although we already have Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphones with the multi-window feature but not everyone can afford them. We have exposed modules to get the multi-window feature but you need to root your phone and do a little tech-hush stuff to get it working.

After Apple, Google finally got to know about this popular feature and decided to add it in the next version of Android. If you already have Android Nougat developer preview installed on your phone, you can experience it for yourself. Various methods can be used to run apps on multi-window; the first one is – open recent menu, tap and hold onto a window and drag it to the top half of the screen and leave it there. Another method is while an app gets opened, tap and hold the recent button and select the other app from the recent menu to run on multi-window. You can resize the apps like you can do on Windows 8+ tablets and PC.

android n

Android N Notifications: Smoother than ever

Google always make changes in the notification pull down menu with every new update. This time, it changed the whole user interface of notification bar in Android N with a more sleek user interface. With one swipe from the top of the device, you’ll see a sleek bar with quick toggles like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and your notifications. When you swipe again, you’ll get a full set of quick toggles with two swipe-able pages. You can rearrange the quick toggles as per your need and add some more shortcuts to the pages.

androidn1   androidn2

Notifications bar has been changed a lot and so are the notifications. Now there is no space between notifications but the notifications itself are more interactive now. You can expand them and read the content or reply to any hangout chat from within the notification.

Android N Doze mode: Do more with single charge

Google addressed the battery problem in Android smartphones with the introduction of “Doze Mode” in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The new feature solved the battery drain issue by restricting some permissions to apps while the device is locked.

Doze mode was first introduced on Android 6.0 Marshmallow that saves your device’s battery on the go by restricting network to some apps while the device is in sleep mode. Now Google improved this feature in Android N and now the battery will last longer than before. You can also customize the list of apps which can use cellular data while Doze mode is enabled in Settings.

Android N Settings menu:

android n

There is a small change in the Settings menu. The menu will now suggest you some settings that you use frequently, on top. While you are in any Setting category (like Security), you can open hamburger menu from the left side and switch to a different setting category.

Android N Seamless updates:

Android Nougat features seamless updates so you won’t be seeing any “Android is upgrading” screen ever again. Android will download and install the update on other partition and whenever you reboot your phone, it will move that installed update to the primary partition.

Google removed the ability to create custom action shortcuts on home screen. Also removed is the dark mode but we still have the “Night Mode” to see in low light conditions. Google keyboard has improved a lot in Android N. Now you can select different pre-installed themes and also select any of your picture as a background on the keyboard.

Android N Stock wallpapers:

Google always come up with stunning wallpapers for Android with every new version launch. With Android N, Google has added some most beautiful HD Aerial view wallpapers. You can grab them here.