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Apple iPhone 7 to feature Dual-SIM tray, 3.5mm headphone jack

There have been speculations and rumors around the release of iPhone 7 coming later this year. The latest one around the block, however, negates a previous such statement saying that the smartphone could come with an earphone, despite the dual speakers.

Rock Fix, a smartphone repair shop based out of China’s Ganzhou, has recently posted photos of alleged iPhone 7. One of the features is apparently the 4.7-inch model’s Lightning cable assembly which, contrary to what we’ve heard before, still has a 3.5mm headphone jack in it. And additionally, the phone could have a dual-SIM feature as the blog reveals two SIM card trays.

Other parts shown by the blogger include some screen panels in the usual two sizes, SanDisk memory chips of up to 256GB and a dual-lens camera for the larger model. The shop owner also revealed that there will be some changes to the antenna design, but the antenna bands shall remain.

A few days ago a Foxconn insider source had revealed that the company has scrapped the dual-lens camera because the technology was not ready. However, this contradicts the claims by another such source who claimed that it is too late to scrap it.

A separate leak by tipster Onleaks claims that mass production of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 has begun. The production is being done by Pegatron. They are sticking to the base variant. Foxconn may or may not have bagged the larger variant’s production, however, no details on the production status of the iPhone 7 Plus have been disclosed.

Three months to go for the launch of the device and the rumors do not seem to dry up at all. In light of all that has been going on, it is also likely that the company may deviate from its normal course of action and launch two or more variants to cater to a wider range of audience.

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