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Google Android Wear Smartwatch leak shows slim circular design

Google Smartwatch

Images depicting Google’s rumoured upcoming Nexus branded smartwatches, Angelfish and Swordfish have been leaked.

Google Inc. is being speculated to be working on two upcoming smartwatches. The Nexus branded smartwatches is rumoured to be named as Swordfish and Angelfish.

The revealed rendered photographs of the smartwatches show both of them featuring circular displays. The Angelfish is the larger variant and the Swordfish is the smaller one.

Google smartwatch Swordfish Rumoured Specs

The smaller smartwatch Swordfish is presumed to feature a 42mm display. It shares similar appearances with the Pebble Time Round smartwatch, but with a much thinner bezel. The Swordfish is rumoured to be fairly slim with a thickness of 10.6 mm. Powered by Android Wear 2.0 with integrated Google assistant, this watch will be void of the interchangeable band functionality of Google. The smartwatch will also come without a Global Positioning System (GPS), heart rate sensor, and inbuilt cellular connectivity.

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Google smartwatch Angelfish Rumoured Specs

The bigger sibling Angelfish will be a much more premium and come with numerous extra features. Angelfish is presumed to have a premium build quality like the Moto 360 smartwatch. It will also come with GPS functionality and support interchangeable bands from Google. The flagship smartwatch will also include a standalone cellular connectivity with LTE support. Angelfish will additionally be equipped with a heart rate monitor. It will also run a Google assistant powered Android 2.0 on a larger 43.5 mm display.

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The faces of the smartwatches in the rendered images demonstrate the new customizable Android 2.0. The watch face is very well designed having all the details like time, email notification, steps calculation, stock prices, messages, etc. in a very attractive classical watch dial.

Pricing Details

The watches will have premium finish termed “Titanium” with a right-hand side button. The bigger and more premium Angelfish will come with a higher price tag than the Swordfish.