Google is reportedly planning to launch its own smartphone by the end of 2016. Even though you have Google-designed Nexus brand at your disposal, the upcoming device ships with stock Android and are manufactured by reputed third-party companies. The latest rumor is that Google will itself design, develop and manufacture the new smartphone.

According to tech enthusiasts, Google will directly be in charge of all the factors affecting the smartphone right from the design stage. Hence you can expect faster updates via OTA than any other Android device. This is because new updates need not require manufacturer approval before it becomes available for public consumption.

If the current rumor of Google building a new smartphone turns into a reality, Google will turn into another Apple. If you look at the roadmap of iPhones, Apple completely designs, develop, and build them on their own facilities and hence the quality is not compromised.

Moreover, the iPhones are comparatively faster and also enjoy faster battery life despite low-end specifications when compared to high-end Android devices.

In an exclusive interview to a leading tech portal, Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that the company is putting huge effort for the development of new phones.

To accelerate the process, the Cupertino Company recently hired former Motorola Mobility president Rick Osterloh to lead its hardware division, which will be in charge of the development of a new smartphone.

Even though Google is planning to design, manufacture and sell its smartphones, the company will not shelve its current Nexus line of devices. Pichai clarified that Google will continue to work with third-party manufacturers to release new and support existing devices.

Recently, there were reports of Google moving on to build an innovative modular phone named ‘Ara‘. However, the latest reports indicate that the company is planning to build something big like Galaxy devices and iPhones.

The upcoming new device will be a high-end smartphone offering from the leading search company. No surprise if the device ships with a user interface similar to that of MIUI and eUI on top of Android N.

If you look at Google’s past, Nexus 6P manufactured by Huawei was a phenomenal smartphone. It remains to be seen as to whether the latest rumored offering will be a high-end smartphone. Sometimes, Google will also manufacture a combination of low and high-level smartphones.

Google has tied up with HTC to manufacture upcoming widely speculated device codenamed “Sailfish.” Recently, its specifications were leaked on the web. We have to wait and watch whether Google will add another device to its portfolio.

Google had already released Chromebook Pixel laptop, Pixel C tablet in addition to moving ahead towards the development of its home product, which is set to compete with Amazon Echo.