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Google Nexus launcher rebranding as Pixel launcher reiterates brand name change

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Google is rebranding the Nexus launcher as Pixel. Moreover, the company is also planning to ditch the Nexus branding to pave way for Pixel for the upcoming Sailfish and Marlin handsets. According to HTC insider Llabtoofer aka @LlabTooFeR, Google will most likely name its upcoming HTC-branded smartphones as Pixel instead of the long-time friend Nexus. He has uploaded the image of the new Pixel launcher and the UI which is termed as clean and fluid.

Meanwhile, the Llabtoofer, who is also a ROM developer released an APK file of an Android app reportedly ripped from a pre-release build of the upcoming Sailfish and Marlin firmware. Named as Pixel Launcher, the app was previously leaked under the name Nexus Launcher.

Upcoming handsets to be named as Pixel and Pixel XL

In the meantime, a recent report by Android Police, claims that the forthcoming 5-inch and 5.5-inch smartphones will be branded as Pixel and Pixel XL. Interestingly, the term Pixel was used twice by Google in the form of the Pixel C Android tablet and Chromebook Pixel laptop.

According to Llabtoofer, the upcoming Pixel (Sailfish) and Pixel XL (Marlin) handsets features 12MP IMX378 rear camera coupled with 8MP IMX179 front-facing snapper.

Pixel branding a major game changer

If the rumor of rebranding of the phones to Pixel turns out to be true, it would be a major game changer for Pixel-branded gadgets. Previously, the Pixel branded phones and tablets were only manufactured exclusively by Google. However, with the latest development, it is clear that Google is also planning to throw away Nexus branding to accommodate their flagship Pixel brand.

Same appearance and specs except display for Pixel handsets

As far as the upcoming Sailfish and Marlin phones are concerned, both handsets will bear the same appearance except the difference in display size. You will probably see the same rear and front camera including RAM and storage capacities. According to Android Police, HTC is working in close partnership with Google to design and develop the forthcoming smartphones.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL launch on October 4

Even though the article is filled with rumors, you will know the true facts when the Google officially launches the two handsets on October 4. Along with the Sailfish and Marlin handsets, Google will also unveil a virtual reality headset and a new Chromecast gadget with support for 4K display.

According to industry analysts, there is no clear indication about the involvement of HTC in the purported branding refresh. In the past, Nexus devices were shipped out from the facility with the logo of the manufacturing partner on the rear of the phone. However, we are yet to spot the logo branding on the rumored two Pixel phones from the leaked renders.

If the new handsets bear the Pixel branding, it will push HTC to the backseat in the handsets marketing campaign. This is because there is a difference when the company sells the new handset on its own brand rather than the name borrowed from Google.

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