Google is scheduled to release a new smart messaging app code named Google Allo on September 21. According to popular leakster Evan Blass aka @evleaks on Twitter, the new messaging app will be launched on September 21. However, there is no official confirmation from Google about the exact launch date or time.

Just like WhatsApp, Google Allo makes use of your phone number to track your friends. However, your friend should also use the app on their smartphones. Moreover, the Google Allo enables you to answer to messages.

Google Allo predicts answers automatically

The app will have an ability to predict the kind of answers you might reply to a friend’s message. This means the Google Allo app automatically provides a list of options based on the query. This will simplify your work experience to a large extent.

Express your wish in various ways with Google Allo

Google Allo offers several new ways to express and deliver messages in the form of stickers, emoji, Ink, and Whisper Shout. You will be able to enlarge text to “WhisperShout” in conversations. The new Allow messaging app will also ship with a smart reply feature integrated into it. It will enable you to learn the various ways to answer messages and images with people. This feature can also predict answers accurately.

With Smart Reply feature, you will be able to analyze images you have sent in order to guess the replies. For instance, if you have received an image of a cat from a friend, Smart Reply will automatically predict the reply as “I love cats”.

Google Allo brings Google Now assistant

Google Allo is designed in such a way to bring the Google Now assistant directly into the conversations. You will be able to easily bring Google searches into conversations with your friends. This will be possible in case you want to provide something to a friend. You can also check sports scores or search for restaurants.

Google Allo will have both-enabled personal assistant

Meanwhile, Google Allo also includes a personal assistant as well, using which you can chat with an AI-enabled smart bot. This feature will enable you to fetch information about stocks, sports, or an on-going flight.

With the involvement of AI, Google also integrated privacy protection by infusing an incognito mode with end-to-end encryption and discreet notifications. To recall, Google Hangouts also offer a similar feature. However, this feature is there since the days of Google Talk to enable you to chat with a friend of the record.