New Apple TV with Siri and App Store to be released in October, price starts at $149

Once again, Apple Inc. has created an upheaval in the world of technology. The company announced today their another enterprise, the updated Apple TV that has been blessed with not only captivating designing, updated and faster remote as well as internals, but also with an inbuilt App Store (with an inclusion of different third-party apps) and this is what seems to be the specialty of this new Apple TV.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, calling this era ‘the golden age of TVs,’ believes in creating a television that is simple yet provocative and claims that ‘the future of TVs is apps.’

With this latest attempt of Apple, the company is aiming at occupying the living room of their users with their freshly introduced App Store containing countless interesting games.

Although, gaming is what the company focuses on chiefly, yet it also asserts that unlike Roku and Amazon, which put emphasis largely on entertainment, there will be lot more for the Apple users to enjoy through the App Store.

The consumers will also be privileged with online shopping options via their Apple TVs.

The company seems to be particularly excited about their idea of introducing their voice search module, the Siri, in this TV. It will be thrilling of an experience to search for a variety of videos too and movies to watch from your favorite services like iTunes, Showtime, etc.

Not just this, with Siri you can also obtain great suggestions for your queries like what all new movies are available to be watched along with children and the latest updates on weather and sports scores too.

A company’s spokesperson reportedly claimed that the remote of this TV that has been improved a lot will definitely be appreciated by users. Along with touch surface allowing for comfortable navigation through device’s UI, this slim wand-like remote with touchpad can be used for game controlling too (as demonstrated by Apple for games like Crossy Road as well as Beat Sports by Harmonix).

Interestingly, Apple walking along with modern iOS devices, introduced new software for TV as well, called tvOS.

Key Features of Apple TV 2015

As per the company, this TV, powered by a 64-bit A8 processor, supporting Wi-Fi 802.11ac along with Bluetooth 4.0, despite being only 10mm taller than its forerunner, is much more potent than that.

However it will run on the same old simplistic power, HDMI, Ethernet set up.

Availability and Price of Apple TV

New Apple TV will be ready to decorate your homes by late October. It will be available in deep black color. There will be two options regarding its configuration, i.e. 32 GB and 64 GB, available for $149 and $199 respectively.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior VP, internet services, who calls this revamped Apple TV to be ‘the foundation for future of TV’, hinted that the company will be launching sooner or later their own web TV subscription services.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed; we may soon start using our TV screens as laptops.

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