Best English learning apps for Android and iOS smartphones

English is a global language spoken in around 67 countries and 27 non-sovereign entities. If you are fond of learning the English language all you need is a smartphone and internet connectivity. English can be learned through lots of means like English music, YouTube channels and podcasts for English learners.

The newest mean is through mobile apps which cannot be ignored. There are enormous English learning apps which are so interesting that you will feel like you are playing a game. Now say bye-bye to boring vocabulary and grammar exercises. You might be wondering which apps you can start with and are most helpful. Well, don’t worry here are few apps that will prove fruitful in learning English.

Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta Stone is known for its learning methodologies. Mostly apps teach English in your native language, but Rosetta Stone teaches English with English. Thereby helping you in building a strong English base. It initially teaches you basic words with their meanings following by sentence and phrases formation. 

By applying this methodology, you tend to learn many new English words and manage to frame sentences by your own. It’s a fast medium of learning English and interesting too. I would recommend you to try this app as it prevents you to rely less on your native language.

Price: Free (for a demo account)
Availability: iOS | Android


Another very innovative app which teaches English from many other languages like French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and many more other languages. If you wish to learn English quickly, this is the best and helpful app. It shows results within few days. The devotion of minimum 20 minutes each day is enough for you to speak Basic English words, read English articles and understand Basic English phrases very easily.

There are various lessons comprising of few exercises which you need to perform each day. Exercises like matching picture with English phrases, translate English phrases to the native language and other fun exercises. An intelligent app which makes you practice topic which you are weak on. So no issue of forgetting topics at all. If you follow the study schedule thoroughly you will be very good in English in around three months. This app is most apt for beginners.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS | Android


FluentU makes use of real-world videos like music videos, commercials, news, and inspiring talks and translates them into English learning experiences for superb learning. Unlike traditional apps, it is unique amongst the various apps available.

It has a wide collection of videos which even keeps you engage and grabs more attention. It tends to make you watch real-time English through recent videos. You can start with basic, easy English videos, further moving onto typical ones. It advises vocabulary words along with the video you are watching. This app is recommended for people who are audio-visual learners and like fun learning.

Price: Free version or $8 – $18 per month, $80 – $180 per year
Availability: iOS | Android (coming soon)


This app maintains the standards of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) a measure of judging English knowledge. The Beginner level rated as A1 and Native Level rated as C2.

The app has different sections, each section comprising of comprehensive exercises. Different exercises focusing on different areas like Vocabulary, Grammar, language reading, spoken English, etc. have the detailed subject knowledge and starts from the roots of the language. It constitutes of comprehensive subject matter, no requirement of extra material.

Price: $30/month
Availability: iOS | Android


There are ample ways of learning English; this is the most fun way. Now don’t need to memorize English teaching books, mug up vocabulary. This is the most effective way of learning English, and you would be amazed to see the results. Each app has its strength applying different methodologies. All are good in some or the other aspect. I hope these apps would be of great use in learning English. Happy learning!!!