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Facebook ‘Privacy’ notice to protect user data is a hoax

No need to panic as Facebook finally issues a fact-check statement telling users there's no need to share the 'Privacy Notice' message.

Facebook’s privacy notice is back with a bang this year making users on the network rather anxious and apprehensive regarding the privacy of their accounts. Though the social networking giant has finally issued a fact check statement urging users not to share the message. Facebook on Tuesday confirmed that the privacy notice is just a hoax that keeps happening on the network more or less every year.

To recall, a privacy notice started circulating on the platform on June 28 saying that ‘All your posts can become public’. This created a flurry among Facebook users who were asked to post the notice on their timeline to ‘protect’ their content from going public. The note claims to protect users’ content going public, as Facebook has become a publicly traded company.

Facebook has now issued a statement saying that a user’s privacy settings are still valid as they have not made any official change to its privacy policy.

Below is the fact-check issued by Facebook after the fiasco:

“You may have seen a post telling you to copy and paste a notice to retain control over things you share on Facebook. Don’t believe it. Our terms say clearly: You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it’s shared through your privacy and application settings. That’s how it works, and this hasn’t changed” .

Similar incidents have occurred in the past. Just last year, such misleading messages became viral urging users to post a legal notice if they want to retain copyright of their pictures posted on the network. Moreover, they were asked to sign-up for a paid monthly subscription. This raised a lot of concern among Facebook users as they were warned to act immediately, and failing to do so would compromise the privacy of their account.

Facebook is now urging its users not to believe in such spam posts as they are the rightful owners of all the content and information they post on Facebook.