Facebook Messenger for iOS revamped with new ‘Home’ tab interface

Just a few days after Apple made breaking announcements at the WWDC 2016, Facebook has unveiled major updates to its Messenger app for iOS platform. The latest update brings in a refreshed new home screen, which indicates the most recent sent and received messages at the top, followed by the display of favorite contacts by name along with an image. Moreover, the messenger also adds reminders for special occasions like Birthdays, which will enable you to wish quickly.

Revealing the updates on its blog post, Facebook said that the Messenger app is now capable of doing more rather than just sending messages.

Capable of wishing a happy birthday directly from the Facebook Messenger home screen, the dashboard also displays reminders for important upcoming events and birthdays. The reminders will also serve as a master list of contacts, who are online at the time of your visit. Despite adding new home screen, Facebook continues to provide the facility to search people and groups including composing a new message from the top portion.

The generic Home tab, which displayed a simple list of all conversations, has been replaced by the above mentioned new sections. According to Facebook, the latest update enables users to easily navigate in addition to the ability to quickly communicate and start new conversations.

From within the new Facebook Messenger home screen, you will see few recent conversation messages at the top of your display. The new favorite section enables you to view the list of all people you send messages frequently, which will enable you to decide to whom you delivered the messages.

With the new “Active Now” section on the Facebook Messenger, you will be able to view whether your friend or colleague is currently available for chat conversation. This will help you to message them without disturbing them. Moreover, you can jump back to Home screen from anywhere in a single tap.

Facebook has rolled out the new Messenger, available on the App Store to users in all countries. However, it will take few days for it to land on your device. Earlier, Facebook had announced that the company has added over 1,500 new emoji characters to Messenger.

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