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Essential Phone up for Pre-order on Amazon and Sprint, to ship in few weeks

The Essential Phone went up for preorder from Best Buy since this early month. But only the unlocked version of Essential Phone is available, but now the phone has been listed on the Amazon and Sprint too which are taking the preorders for the Essential phone, but if you purchase it from Best Buy, you can save around $260.

The only problem is that you have to choose for the Sprint’s Flex plan and you will be able to own it for $14.58 per month for one and a half years. After that, you can decide to keep the Essential phone, or you want to move onto another smartphone. If you choose to stay on the phone, you have to pay $175 more to which makes the price of the phone to be $440. By this, the price of the smartphone will $260 less than the retail price of the phone which is $700. The full retail price from Sprint is $749.99 on their website.

The Essential phone pre-orders will starts shipping on August 28 according to Sprint. But Best Buy is shipping them from September 1. Or if you want to buy the unlocked version of the Essential phone, you can buy it from Amazon too since the company has backed Essential during its production, it is priced at $699 there and will also start shipping from September 1.

Essential’s own online store is also an option to buy the Essential phone. And, for a limited time, you can get the phone for $699 and the 360-degree camera for another $50. The bundled price is $749 for both the camera and the phone. This offer is a great discount on the 360-degree camera module which will be sold separately for $199.The Black Moon color version of the Essential phone is only available for now, but the white version and the green/copper combo will be available┬álater.