Brainwavz BLU-Delta Bluetooth Earbud Wireless Noise Isolating Headphones Review

We reviewed Brainwavz BLU series earphones and Brainwavz Delta wired earphones. Now we got the Brainwavz BLU Delta earphones for review here; these are the BLU series earphones with earbuds designed as the Delta headsets. These are the Bluetooth 4.1 earphones with improved battery backup and extends the reception. These earphones are listed on Amazon for Rs. 3,699 but is it worth that money? let’s find out.


I have unboxed a lot of Brainwavz products and not even one of them disappointed me regarding packaging. BLU Delta also impressed me with the packaging, the cardboard box only contains the hard case which is respectively wider than previous hard cases I have seen with Brainwavz earphones. The hard case includes the earphones and all the necessary items; BLU Delta, data cable for charging, two extra pairs of tips, one pair of Comply foam tips, Velcro tie, quick start guide and a silica gel bag.

Design and Build

Brainwavz also made some Bluetooth earphones before, but BLU Delta is a lot different from those because this time the earbuds are standard size. The battery is now in the inline remote control which makes it huge and more uncomfortable when you wear it. The remote control hangs on one side pulling the earbuds out of the ears; you have to use the shirt clip to keep them stable. Even with the shirt clip, there is no way you can keep them in your ears while jogging or doing exercise.

Other than this, the build quality is as I expected from the Brainwavz, the buds casing is made of the metal housing and the remote control is made of rubber material. The wires are sturdy as well, the charging port and a microphone are also located on the inline remote control. Overall the design and build quality are the best you can get in any Bluetooth earphones.


There are a lot of brands in the market selling Bluetooth earphones, but they work by the policy “You get some, you lose some,” means they add Bluetooth and lowers down the quality of the sound. But that’s not the case here in Brainwavz, BLU Delta is a wireless earphone with Bluetooth 4.1 technology which requires less power to work. The battery lasts two to three days with optimum usage (2-3 hours of music playback per day) or a straight six to seven hours of playback (I tested it).

This might be the first review where you read battery performance before the sound performance but because BLU Delta failed to impress me in this section. There are 8 mm drivers in the buds and no doubt that they are loud, but the sound clarity I was looking for is not there. The bass is there but not the punch I was expecting from a Brainwavz earphones. If you are a no-bass kind of person who listens to rock or metal music and needs a loud party in your head; BLU Delta is perfect.


  • Drivers: 8 mm
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Bluetooth: 4.1
  • Max operation distance 30 ft.
  • Battery: 8 hours of continuous playtime (actual battery rating not available)


  • Sturdy build
  • Big battery


  • Large remote control
  • Little less clarity in sound


The Brainwavz BLU Delta are good earphones with good sound quality but with best Bluetooth reception and battery backup. These earphones will cost you Rs. 3,699 on Amazon but if you are seeking for a batter sound quality and a long battery backup isn’t much important for you, then go for Brainwavz BLU 200. It will cost you the same as these earphones but will provide you better sound quality at the same price.

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