We recently reviewed the Brainwavz Jive In-ear earphones, and liked them. Brainwavz has launched Delta IEM earphones that are quite similar to the Jive, though the Deltas are marketed as “perfect audio sound and clarity for general music listening or for audio calls.” Whereas Jive is basically for music purpose only.

In case you haven’t heard of Brainwavz, it’s known for producing good value audio solutions, and impressed from the performance, we’ve given high marks to several of its models, including premium-quality BLU-100 in-ear Bluetooth earphone, Jive, Kidwavz KV-100 Bluetooth headphones.

Brainwavz Delta (2)

Personally, I was impressed with the Brainwavz Delta IEM earphones. They actually sound decent as the noise-isolation of earphones was very nice. The earphones are compatible with wide range of Android and iOS devices including MP3 players, computer, laptops and other devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack.

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On the plus side, the Brainwavz Delta IEM noise-isolating earphones comes with a lot of extra accessories, including a nice carrying case, 3 sets of silicon ear tips (in various sizes: S/M/L), as well as one set of Comply foam tips S-400, one shirt clip, Velcro cable tie and an instruction manual & warranty card (24-month warranty).

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For mobile-phone and tablet users, the earphones are equipped with a three-button inline remote/microphone that allows you to increase/decrease the volume, answer/end calls and both play/pause and skip audio tracks forward and backward on Android and iOS devices.

In terms of audio output, it was pretty neutral and more accurate at Mids. Sounds much better than my expectations. Bass is slightly on the back seat and treble at the peak gave pretty much crisp and clear output. Whereas used on full volume it starts struggling and you may feel the sound a bit annoying. Needless to say audio output was distorted at highs.

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Good: The Brainwavz Delta IEM noise-isolating earphones with microphone and remote are affordable and deliver good sound for the money with impressive bass performance. The earphones have all metal body and come with a nice set of accessories and a range of silicon ear tips.

Bad: Cable tangles easily.

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Final Verdict:


The Delta earphone is priced at Rs. 1,599 and available at Flipkart and Amazon to buy online.

The Brainwavz Delta IEM earphones are a good value for money, particularly if you’re someone who listens to a lot of melody, slow and low bass-centric music. If you’re someone who likes to listen music at high volume, you can avoid buying it.