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Best Android email client apps to use on your Android smartphones

Here we compare some of the best email app clients for Android

Android smartphones comes with default email client app and Gmail App for configuring your email. If you use your phone as primary mode of communication, the simple interface of the Gmail App is not enough. There are number of free Android email apps are available to use on Play Store which could be useful.

Some apps specialize on providing more visually appealing experience, some app focus on actual sorting of mails while other boast of ease of use of multiple email accounts with ease. Herein we bring to you review of some of the best email apps available on android for free.

1. Gmail – If you use Gmail as your primary means of e-communication, Gmail App is the right fit for a user. Gmail App is the official app for using Gmail from Google. Gmail App has a very clean and minimalistic look with easy to use options. Gmail App is fast to use for basic day to do use. Gmail App though lack advanced feature which a heavy app user or productivity tools required.  Gmail App supports multiple accounts, labels, attachments, search, etc.

2. Inbox by Gmail – Inbox by Google is an invite only new app from Gmail team to manage Gmail in a different way. Inbox treats your mails as To-do tasks, if an email lands in your inbox; you would not simply read it but would perform an action on the same.

Inbox has option to either Pin that mail, Snooze that mail or marked it as done. When you Pin a mail it is displayed on your inbox so that you can see it. Snoozing a mail is also a good option when you are in hurry and would want to deal with some mails later at your own leisure. When you mark a mail done the mail is archived and it will not be shown to you unless you specifically search for the same.

Inbox very clearly and in visually appealing way organize the content of the mailbox. Reminder is also a very useful function of the inbox. When you set Reminders for any particular item for a time the same is displayed in Inbox. Inbox also has a feature of Bundle wherein all conversations related to a topic are put in a Bundle.

So all your travel related emails would be put together in a label Travel, similarly mails from shopping websites, social media sites could be put in a single bundle.Users who are acquainted with Gmail will take some time to adjust to the new interface of Inbox. To use inbox you have to unlearn the way of using any other Email client. The curve to learn Inbox

3. AquaMail – AquaMail is another powerful email client with lots of features. AquaMailsupports almost all the mail accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Exchange, etc. AquaMail supports IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocols and it also supports Exchange Web Services. Aquamail has a very intuitive color based layout scheme.

It also has features to set up reminders, set up out of office from the client directly and sort mails by a number of relevant tags. AquaMail can store the attachment from a mail directly to the SD card of the mobile. AquaMail has two versions a Light and a Pro version. Light version is free and supports only 2 email IDs and promotional AquaMail signature line. Pro-version remove these limitations and provide you access to virtually unlimited ad free accounts.

4. K-9 Mail – K-9 mail is one of the oldest email client for Android. K-9 mail has a very clean and light interface. K-9 mail is open source, so it completely free for use. K-9 mail has all the features which a normal user would need for day to day working.

K-9 Mail supports IMAP Push mail, POP3 and Exchange connect. K-9 Mail supports multiple email account integration. K-9 mail has a healthy 4.3 rating on Google App Store. 

5. CloudMagic – CloudMagic is a Webby’s People award winning email App which has client for iOS as well as Android. CloudMagic works with all the popular email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, etc. You can manage all your services from a single interface of CloudMagic. CloudMagic has a very simple interface and focus on the conversations which are center of any email app.

CloudMagic also has integration with various apps such as Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Salesforce.com, MailChimp, etc. You can directly save any email to any of these apps. Integration with these productivity apps makes CloudMagic a very powerful tool.

CloudMagic has been built grounds up for Android so it is primarily native app for Android. The app is quite light as most of the data resides on Cloud, this make CloudMagic a very fast and reliable app. CloudMagic has more than a million download and have a rating of 4.5 on Android Play Store.

6. Outlook – Microsoft Outlook has created a mobile client for Android. Outlook client is a neat client for accessing official Exchange mail over mobile. This client is still in Beta phase. Outlook client supports swipe functionality which is a productivity feature and let you control mails easily. Outlook supports Calendar inside the app itself.

It supports integration of attachment from OneDrive and Dropbox. It let you send you files directly over a link without even downloading the file. Outlook supports integration with Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com and even iCloud.

7. Mailwise – Mailwise is another very powerful and easy to use app for Android phones. Mailwise supports mail from Outlook, Exchange and other popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and other IMAP accounts. Mailwise has a very clear interface and instead of having multiple mails in a chain, Mailwise arranges the mails in a much cleaner conversation tab like messages.

Mailwise keep your data safe and secure, it doesn’t store anything on its own servers everything is kept on the device. The advantage of this approach is that user data is not transferred to cloud and is safe. Mailwise has a better search functionality and has support for notifications, swipe, reminders, etc.

Apart from our list of these seven clients there are some very other good clients available for Android. Some of them are BlueMail, myMail, Mail.ru, Boomerang, etc. Every mail client has some specific advantage of better layout, support for multiple accounts for free or ease of use and clear interface.

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