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gmail account security

How to improve your Gmail account security

Your Gmail account security is rather important as it happens to be one of the more lucrative options of phishing scams. It is home to...

Google Mail (Gmail) hits 1 billion monthly active users, says Sundar Pichai

Google has announced that Gmail is currently used by more than one billion active users worldwide. Announcing the news on February 1, Google CEO...

Facebook Messenger reaches the milestone of 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store

Facebook’s strategy to annihilate messaging capability from the Facebook app and forcing users to use the Facebook Messenger app has paved the company to...
Demise of Google+ begins, profile links disabled from Google homepage

Demise of Google+ begins, profile links disabled from Google homepage

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) has taken down the URL of its social networking service Google+ from its homepage and some other web properties. Google+...

Best Android email client apps to use on your Android smartphones

Android smartphones comes with default email client app and Gmail App for configuring your email. If you use your phone as primary mode of communication,...
Google working on Pony Express Service allows users to pay bills via Gmail Inbox

Google working on Pony Express Service; allows users to pay bills via Gmail Inbox

The Search Engine giant – Google is reportedly testing a new tool that will let you pay your bills directly from your Gmail inbox. According...

Google reportedly working on new Gmail design

Google is working on a redesign of its popular web mail service – Gmail, suggests leaked screenshots of svelte new Gmail interface. has...

Indian Government to dump Gmail for official communication

In a bid to tighten the security and keep the government information confidential against recent cyberspying attempts by US worldwide, government of India is...