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Apple iPhone 8 release date, rumors: iPhone 2017 to have Ceramic frame just like Apple Watch

iPhone 8

Apple has started working on the next-gen iPhone to launch in 2017. According to sources, the new forthcoming iPhone 8 renders which surfaced on the web hint at possible Galaxy S7 Edge like display and Apple Watch inspired ceramic frame. With the launch of iPhone 7 in various countries and more to come including India on October 7, all eyes have turned to the rumors surrounding iPhone 8.

The renders are part of a concept design drawn by Veniamin Geskin. He took his own time to create an exact image of how the iPhone 8 will look like from his idea. His concept render is amazing, and Apple fans loved it. His design reveals the fact that the Cupertino-based tech giant could return to being the design spearhead it once was.

New iPhone 8 render based on popular theories

The main idea which Geskin adopted while drawing the renders is that he mixed some popular theories about the upcoming iPhone. The upcoming smartphone is inspired by the design of the highly successful Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. However, it lacks the purported full-screen display that few rumors dubbed.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8/iPhone 2017 to ship with ceramic frame

Based on rumors, the iPhone 8 might ship with a ceramic frame. Interesting, the material got rave reviews among tech enthusiasts and customers in the Apple Watch Edition Series 2. Since the company’s ceramic design was well accepted by the community, it’s almost sure that Apple will incorporate it in the iPhone 8.

We can confirm that Apple will modify the material in iPhone 2017 because of rapid complaints regarding the inferior quality rear panel used in iPhone 7. According to Gadget and Gizmos, the jet black variant of iPhone 7 is highly prone to scratches. In fact, Apple had issued a statement, which prompts customers to handle the handset carefully.

iPhone 8/iPhone 2017 to offer wireless charging

Talking about features, iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging capability, which makes the device slimmer than the previous counterparts. The form factor of iPhone 8 will be changed to a large extent, and it would convert into a super-slim phone.

If you carefully verify the iPhone render, you can see that it carries a curved display. In fact, tech pundits have rumored about the possible curved display few months itself.

Apple A11 to be integrated with iPhone 8

Even though Apple has to go a long way for iPhone 2017, the initial renders and impressions sound very promising. You can expect the integration of Apple A11 processor into the upcoming iPhone. As per source, the A11 chipset will consume 50 percent less energy than Apple A10 processor in iPhone 7.

iPhone 8 to bear Iris scanner and OLED display

There are also rumors that iPhone 8 will ship with facial or iris scanning facility for enhanced security. Apple should include iris scanning because of the failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 so that the company can take advantage.

On the display front, you can expect the integration of OLED display. According to latest reports, insiders from the manufacturing unit revealed the fact that Samsung will supply 40 million AMOLED display units to Apple in 2017. Hence, you can expect reduced thickness than the currently available IPS LED displays.

There are reports that iPhone 2017 will ship in three variants. Out of the three models, one of the handsets will feature a curved display. Anyway, you can expect premium iPhone 8 in 2017 because of the 10th-anniversary celebrations.