Home News Apple iPhone 8 release date indicates levitating charger and lighter iPhone

Apple iPhone 8 release date indicates levitating charger and lighter iPhone


Traditionally, it is a norm to keep your phone grounded while charging it. Present generation wireless chargers also require physical contact with the smartphone to juice it up. But now a brand new charging technique will be able to charge the upcoming iPhone 8 while levitating it magnetically.

The OvRcharge Wireless Charger designed by a Canadian team can charge your phone without any physical contact. Even though a bit gimmicky, this looks fascinating. It will surely be enthralling to see the forthcoming iPhone suspended in air with no visible support while being charged.

The seemingly impossible method is actually a very clever implementation of electro-physics and magnetism. Your phone will be hanging in the air with support from invisible magnetic repulsive fields, which will cancel out Earth’s gravitational force. The electricity will be delivered by the method of induction.

Levitating Charger

You can add more supernatural appearance to your phone by rotating it while charging. The OvRcharge can also spin your suspended iPhone 8 using the magnetic fields simultaneously while juicing it up. The gadget can also float and spin your phone even when you are not charging it. This can enhance your room décor significantly.

OvRcharge comes with a nicely designed wooden base. Your smartphone will be suspended above this premium looking wooden box. Most of the electrical parts and magnetic mechanisms are built inside this box. The base comes in three color variants – Walnut, Dark, Cherry and more are promised.

The magnets can support up to 600 grams’ weight, so you can also charge your tablets with it. The futuristic charger comes in two versions – OvRcharge and OvRcharge Ultra. The former has a dimension of 140 mm x 140 mm x 33 mm and a later occupies a volume of 170 mm x 170 mm x 35 mm. Apart from the size difference, both differ in current output capacity. The smaller one is rated approximately 500mAh while the larger one sports a higher 700mAh rating.

To charge your handset using the innovative charger, you shall also need a custom case. The specially made case contains a magnet and an induction receiver. The induction receiver receives the electricity and directs it to your smartphone via lightning or microUSB connectors. The magnet in the case will help in keeping the phone hanging in the air.

The OvRcharge supports several smartphones from various brands. It is not necessary for a smartphone to support Wireless Charging to be compatible with the brand new charging method. The devices currently supported by OvRcharge are iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and will also support the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Selected models of smartphones made by Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, HTC, and OnePlus are also compatible.

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