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Apple iOS 9.3.3 update: Reasons you shouldn’t ignore update on iPhone and iPad

ios 9.3.3 update

Apple is rendering an urgent message for iPhone and iPad owners in order to ensure that users download the latest update for their devices. The latest updates include iOS 9.3.3 for iPhones and iPads and OS 10.11.6 for computers. Apple TV (tvOS X 10.11.6) and Apple Watch (Watch OS 2.2.2) are also in line for receiving the updates.

Sans the update, the device owners are at the risk of losing a lot of data. Reason being, there are a lot of loopholes within the previous update which leaves a lot to be compromised. The security of the devices is at risk, and that is why Apple is urgently pushing the recent iOS 9.3.3 update.

Why is iOS 9.3.3 Update Important?

Hackers can extract all the information stored on your device by sending an infected iMessage or an e-mail containing *.tiff image file. Such kind of files contain codes which grant access to hackers for accessing all the info on your phone. Even your phones passwords can be compromised.

Without even downloading the malicious file, the owner stands to lose a lot of credible information, and that is why Apple is insisting on downloading and installing iOS 9.3.3 update as soon as it reaches your device.

Because iMessage and Safari download an image without needing an actual ‘download’ command, it is advisable to turn off iMessage and disable the MMS messaging in order to restrain automatic downloading of images or any other malicious file.

iOS updates have not been a smooth affair from the commencement of this year. Earlier Apple rendered iOS 9.3.1, which was supposed to fix bugs and fill in the loopholes, but somehow, it was not exactly successful in optimizing iOS 9. Then, iOS 9.3.2 update was rendered, and the problems persisted.

So far, most of the Apple device users have never bothered about tackling malicious files within their devices because iPhones are generally considered ‘virus proof.’ Unlike Windows computers, Apple computers have never faced a problem in dealing with malware.

But somehow, security issues have become a matter of concern for now, and that is why it is imperative for the users to download and install the latest update.

To make sure if you’re running the latest version- Setting-General-Software Update or check out Apple support page.

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