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Apple explains why Facebook Gaming is not welcome to the Apple iOS App Store

Apple has once refused to host he Facebook Gaming app on the iOS Apple Store citing non- compliance with the established policies and rules. Specifically, the Cupertino giant said the Facebook Gaming app has been rejected on the ground that it violates rules wherein third-party apps are not allowed to ‘distribute games as a separate platform’.

Facebook should not be surprised with the turn of events given that this is the fifth time that their gaming app has been rejected by Apple. They have been trying with this since February, but all their efforts have been firmed stonewalled by Apple so far.

The real reason is of course the iPhone maker’s own Apple Arcade online game streaming service which runs in direct competition with Facebook Gaming app. The game streaming business has also proved to be extremely lucrative the world over. Also, the Apple App Store which happens to be the only authorised place for iPad and iPhone owners to source new apps and games generated over $15 billion in revenue last year.

Of course it would be crazy for Apple to let a rival platform to become part of a business that they have set up and is adding billions to its coffers each year. The Apple Arcade service is relatively new but has already proved to be immensely successful for the company. It has more than a hundred exclusive games to offer right away with more set to join the list.

As for Facebook, it seems they will have to remain content with users playing games on the social site. For it does not seem Apple is going to have a change in mind anytime soon.