After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger now gets Vanishing Message feature, Instagram next in line

After Facebook introduced disappearing messages on WhatsApp, it is now Messenger’s turn to have something similar in the form of vanishing messages. The modus operandi will be the same in that the messages will cease to exist after the receiver has gone through it and has closed the chat window.

Facebook said the feature is particularly applicable to messages such as memes, stickers, reactions, or GIFs. In any case, those have a very short life span in that they are appreciated initially when shared but lose their relevance soon thereafter. That makes it a fit case for such messages to be deleted soon after you have seen it. Something similar will also be introduced on Instagram after it becomes available on Messenger.

Invoking the vanish mode in Messenger is also as simple as it can be. You just have to swipe up on the display for the particular mode to be initiated. Swiping again will bring you back on the normal mode. Facebook said there are going to be visual aids provided during the initial stage for users to pick up the skills.

However, both parties will have to invoke vanishing mode for either to be able to send or receive such messages. Also, the sender will get a notification if the receiver takes a screenshot of the message. In any case, that happens to be the only way you can store a message if you wish to before those get deleted.

The feature is slated to be launched initially in the US along with select other countries before it is made available to all users everywhere in the world. The WhatsApp disappearing messages were introduced just days back and the feature has started to appear in some regions already.

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