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New Facebook app for Android to include Dark Mode, Coronavirus Tracker and more

The Facebook app for Android is set for a makeover of sorts, what with the several cool new features expected to be introduced to the app sometime soon. As 9To5Google reported, those include a new dark mode along with a coronavirus tracker built right into the app itself.

Coronavirus Tracker: 

facebook coronavorus tracker

The new Coronavirus tracker might seem to be the most relevant new feature to be introduced to the Facebook app. The new tracker will provide you with information such as the number of Covid 19 positive cases in your region along with the graph showing the general trend of the number of cases over the past few weeks.

Specifically, you will get to know how many coronavirus positive cases were registered in your region over a period of three weeks, while country-wide cases are shown over the course of a week. The global tally of the pandemic will be shown at the top of the page.

Dark Mode: 

facebook android dark mode

The dark mode has been among the more anticipated feature additions to the app, considering that the same is already available on the company’s all other apps such as Instagram or even Facebook Lite. The color scheme comprising of a dark gray background along with blue accents is also the same as you will find on the desktop version of the app.

As can be seen in the screenshot of the app that got leaked, the dark mode can be invoked using a toggle switch. There is support for the system wide dark mode that comes with Android 10 and includes a toggle switch to switch to the standard Android 10 dark mode as well.

Time on Facebook: 

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You might have already guessed it; the feature will keep you apprised of the time you have spent on the Facebook app over the course of a week and is similar to what the iOS app provides for. There is the new Quiet Mode too that aims to stop the push notifications and notification dots from bothering you when you’d want them. There is the Scheduled Quiet Mode as well that will let you set the Quiet Mode during specific times.

No official word yet when the above features would make it to the Android app though from what seems likely, it is expected to happen pretty soon.