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How to raise funds on Facebook

Facebook has introduced a new Facebook Fundraisers feature that, as the name implies, will help just about anyone to create a fundraiser page within the platform and raise funds. This, the social media giant said has been done to enable registered users to raise funds for the needy as the world reels under the unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic.

Here is how you can raise funds and donate for a noble cause using Facebook Fundraisers.

Table of Contents

For Desktop users.
  1. Start by clicking on Fundraiser. You will find it in the News Feed on the left menu under the Explore section.


2. Under Fundraisers, click on +Raise Money.


3. Select Non-profit/Charity.

select charity

4. You will be shown a page with the list of charitable organisations whom you can donate. Select the organisation you wish like to donate to and fill in the form presented.

lets start with the basics

5. There are some more information that needs to be put in.

tell your story

6. You will also be able to customize your Fundraiser page using images of your choice or using those on offer. After you are done, click on the Create button.


For the mobile app:
  1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile, (either Android or iOS) and tap on the three horizontal lines along the top right corner.

facebook fundraisers on mobile

2. In the page that opens, scroll down to the See More section. There you will find the Fundraisers option.

fundraisers on mobile

3. Tap on the +Create Fundraiser or Raise Money, whichever you find.

create fundraiser

4. Select Non-profit.

non profit

5. As before, select the charitable organization you wish to donate to and fill in the form that opens. Tap on the Create button after you are done.

select organisation and create

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