1More, a well-known brand for audio accessories released the 1More Piston Fit in India. It comes with a nice metal casing on earbuds and an in-line remote with microphone to take calls and control music. It also comes with the signature 45-degree angle ear tip design. These in ear headphones are compatible with Android as well as iPhone. It costs Rs. 999 and easily available to buy from online stores like Amazon.

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The design of the earphones is the signature design which 1More usually use for its earphones. The earbud casing is made of aluminum and has a nice pattern over it, the cap of these earphones is made of plastic and is black no matter what color you buy. The buds are angled at 45 degrees to make a proper fit for ears.


The 3.5 mm plug is also covered with a metal and gold plated. The wire strain is very small on both the ends, with the ear buds and on the plug. The cable is wrapped with Kevlar fibre and feels kind of rubbery. It seems that the wire can’t take strain but it can take a lot of strain because of its elasticity.

The inline remote control is made of plastic and come with one button and microphone. The overall weight of this earphones is 14 gram which is obvious because of the metal casing. This button controls pretty much everything and compatible with both platforms; Android and iOS.

Specifications and Unboxing

1More Piston Fit earphones come in a small box with three sizes (SML) ear tips and user manual. There is nothing more in the box; the specifications of the earphones are listed below.

  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20 kHz
  • Plug: 3.5 mm Gold Plated
  • Weight: 14 grams
  • Color: Space gray, silver, rose gold, blue
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


The earbuds are made of metal and still the overall weight of the earphones is as low as 14 grams. The wire is very sturdy and not going to break down pulling out of the jeans pocket or from the backpack. The audio plug is straight which is good, you can it to your phone and put it in your pocket without any problem. These earphones support both platforms, Android and iOS, which is great because not all earphones which come with this price range supports iOS.


1More Piston Fit in-ear headphones are very light weight and the 45-degree earbud design keeps the buds in place and won’t fall down from ears. But if you are using wrong size ear tips then it might be a chance that it will feel a bit uncomfortable for you. Overall the earbuds are very comfortable and won’t fall off from ears even while jogging.

If I compare the Piston Fit with other headphones in the similar price range then the volume is a big difference. I tried listening to music using different smartphones but got similar results every time. The vocals are very clear in these earphones so watching movies was a great experience on these earphones.

The mids and highs from this earphones are crisp and clear, if you are a fan of metal or rock music then you will get an amazing experience though these earphones. But if you want bass in your next earphones then it might disappoint you a bit because the bass is very low.


  • Great build quality
  • Crystal clear mids and highs


  • Low on bass


1More Piston Fit are great earphones if you are not much into music and use them for movies and more. These earphones will give you crystal clear vocals in movies and even in music. The bass is a bit low in these and if you like bass heavy music then 1More Piston Fit will disappoint you.