Latest Android and iOS games to download and play

There are millions of games available to download and play already on Android and iOS. And a lot keeps coming every other day, now the biggest issue is to find the games that are worth playing! I always keep an eye on best Android game developers releases best and addictive games. I want to share some of the best Android and iOS games released recently and I like most, check them out.


CATS is a PvP multiplayer game from Zeptolab, creator of the hit smartphone game; Cut the rope. This is an online multiplayer robot fighting game where you can build your robot using the supplies provided and battle with others robots for money and more supplies. Then you can enter into the championship to win bigger prizes.


These cats driven robots are customizable with stickers to show off your robots, compete with other robots via quick match and fight your way through the leaderboard and be the number one. It got some nice and beautiful graphics in various battle platforms.

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The Last Door: Season 2 Collector’s Edition

If you a gamer and haven’t played The Last Door before then you definitely missed a lot in smartphone gaming. The Last Door is an award-winning game from The Game Kitchen which is a unique adventure game. This game will take you on an adventure filled with mystery and lots of horrors.


The gameplay is a point and explores type where you have to explore the scene and solve some mind-blowing puzzles to advance the story. To get the best out of this game, you have to put on the headphones and then play the game. The game is free but you will only get the Episode one, you have to pay to unlock the rest of the episodes.

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Star Wars: Puzzle Droids

Disney recently released this game which is a match three game themed as Star Wars, this is a first Star Wars puzzle game on Android. Play along to unlock memories and experience iconic moments through the eyes of the BB8 droid. Explore far galaxies and journey across the Jakku and escape the First Order alongside BB8.

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Gangster New Orleans

Gameloft added a new gem to its open world collection, Gangster New Orleans is and open world game for your smartphone. Take over the streets of New Orleans by shooting your way through the story missions. Have fun creating your customized gangster with a wide array of options and compete against your friend’s gangster.

Gangstar New Orleans

Experience triple A graphics on your smartphone and an amazing soundtrack to experience the city’s action. Or you can leave the story for a while and live the city by driving and shooting on the streets and flying helicopters.

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Nonstop Chuck Norris

Nonstop Chuck Norris

Nonstop Chuck Norris is an action game from Flaregames based on the adventure of the great Chuck Norris. This game features the unlimited power of Chuck Norris using weapons, items, and Chuck Norris facts. The mission of this game is to save galaxies by fighting with unlimited villains, but don’t worry, Chuck will fight them while you can relax.

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All these games have been recently released on Google Play Store and App Store, let me tell you this before download any of the game. These games are highly addictive and it’s hard to leave them once started playing, so download them at your own risk. Tell us if you are playing any latest Android and iOS games which are fun like these in the comments.

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